What IBM Automatic Binary Optimizer for z/OS can do

In order for your business-critical COBOL applications to run optimally on your IBM Z® hardware, you need to exploit the latest Z architecture, which delivers performance with a combination of hardware features and compiler support.

IBM® Automatic Binary Optimizer for z/OS® (ABO) uses advanced technology to optimize COBOL code and targets the latest IBM Z architecture. It reduces CPU usage and operating costs by directly optimizing COBOL modules that are compiled with VS COBOL II 1.3 to Enterprise COBOL 4.2 without the need to recompile the source, while maintaining strict compatibility with the original modules. As a result, the testing cost can significantly be reduced.  

ABO 2.1 includes the ABO Assistant, a new feature to automatically identify and optimize the top CPU-consuming COBOL modules in your batch applications to enable you to quickly evaluate ABO or deploy optimized modules into production. The performance of modules optimized by ABO 2.1 is on par with modules optimized by Enterprise COBOL 6.3. Therefore, ABO can help reduce migration effort to Enterprise COBOL 6. You only need to migrate modules that are currently under development or modernization and use ABO to improve the performance of the modules that are not frequently updated or do not have a recompilation plan.


Lower operating costs with optimized programs

ABO-optimized modules behave the same way as the original modules, but consume fewer CPU resources and have shorter processing time.

Quickest time to value

Same performance benefit as the latest Enterprise COBOL compiler. Optimizes already-compiled modules with reduced testing costs. Simplified evaluation and accelerated deployment with ABO Assistant.

Team up: ABO and Enterprise COBOL

ABO and Enterprise COBOL are designed to work together. Use Enterprise COBOL to compile programs that are under active development; and ABO to optimize programs that are not frequently compiled.

Currency = maximizing ROI

IBM Z delivers application performance with hardware features and advanced optimization technology. It is important to stay current with Enterprise COBOL and ABO.

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