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Optimize COBOL performance without recompilation, source code migration or performance tuning

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IBM® Automatic Binary Optimizer (ABO) for z/OS® technology optimizes COBOL program modules to improve performance without source recompilation. It optimizes directly from the binary code inside the program modules, which ensures the program logic remains precisely the same. 

Automatic Binary Optimizer for z/OS fully supports the IBM Z® platform and helps reduce processing time, CPU usage and operating costs for running business-critical COBOL applications. ABO-optimized modules maintain strict compatibility with the original modules, behave the same way and are more cost-effective to run.

ABO is complementary to the IBM Enterprise COBOL for z/OS compiler. Use Enterprise COBOL to optimize COBOL application modules under active development or maintenance while using ABO to optimize the remaining modules to maximize the ROI of your IBM Z platform.

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Benefits Optimize performance without recompilation

ABO directly optimizes COBOL modules without the need to recompile the source. Optimized modules have comparable performance as the modules recompiled with Enterprise COBOL 6.

Quick time to value

ABO-optimized modules maintain strict functional compatibility, cutting cycle time and testing effort. Use ABO Assistant to accelerate evaluation and deployment.

Accelerate application modernization

Modernize business-critical applications using ABO to optimize their performance on IBM Z. ABO helps reduce operating costs and maximize hardware ROI with significantly less testing effort.

Advanced optimization

Optimizes COBOL programs to run on latest IBM Z servers without source code recompilation. The optimized modules that ABO produces will run faster but will have the same behavior as the original COBOL modules.

Use the ABO SCAN=Y option to get information about each module.

Testing optimized modules Using the SCAN option

Expanded range of optimization eligibility

Can optimize CSECTs within program modules that were generated by COBOL compilers.

Eligible COBOL compilers Using ABO and Enterprise COBOL together

Accelerated deployment and CPU monitoring

The ABO Assistant is a suite of tools to automate the main parts of finding and optimizing your top CPU consuming COBOL applications. It analyzes data to prepare optimized modules for deployment.

Using the ABO Assistant

Performance analysis

The IBM Run Time Instrumentation (RTI) Profiler collects and reports on the execution time CPU performance characteristics of your batch z/OS and CICS® applications. 

IBM Run Time Instrumentation Profiler overview

IBM DevOps tooling support

Optimized modules are supported by IBM Debug for z/OS, Fault Analyzer for z/OS and Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS which are included in Application Delivery Foundation for z/OS (ADFz).

ADFz problem determination tools
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Editions Cloud trial edition

Experience the power of ABO today with a no-charge 90-day license. No installation is required.

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On-premises trial edition

Install ABO at your site with a no-charge 90-day license.

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Fully licensed and supported edition

Get a fully functional licensed product for production use with world-class IBM support.

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ABO evaluation

ABO evaluation

Production deployments

License terms

90-day evaluation

90-day evaluation

IPLA sub capacity

Requires installation

ABO Assistant included

IBM Software Subscription and Support (S&S)

Production deployments

Technical details Operating systems

Optimized modules run on z/OS 2.3 and later operating systems.

Supported operating systems
Hardware requirements

Optimized modules run on all models of IBM z14®, IBM z15® and IBM z16™ servers.

Target hardware levels
System requirements for RTI Profiler

See supported z/OS versions for using RTI profiled in batch or in CICS.

Requirements for the RTI Profiler
Videos ABO Assistant overview

Learn about ABO Assistant, which is designed to simplify ABO evaluation and accelerate the deployment of ABO-optimized modules.

ABO Assistant demo

Learn how to use ABO Assistant with the JCL to run your COBOL applications.

Resources ABO Essentials Badge

Explore the business value, features, practical implementation and best practices of ABO.

Fixes and latest features

See a complete list of the latest releases, refreshes, fix packs and interim fixes sorted by version.

Ideas portal

Submit, view, vote and comment on ideas to improve ABO. Login with your IBMid or create a new one.

Frequently asked questions

Get answers to the most commonly asked questions about this product.

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Should Enterprise COBOL and ABO be used together?

Yes. Enterprise COBOL and ABO complement each other. Use Enterprise COBOL for new development, modernization, and maintenance. Use ABO to improve the performance of the modules that are not frequently updated or do not have a recompilation plan.

Explore using ABO and Enterprise COBOL together
Can ABO help me with modules compiled by Enterprise COBOL 5 or 6?

Yes. ABO 2.2 extends eligibility to optimize Enterprise COBOL 5 and 6 modules. This means you don’t have to change your development process. You can continue to recompile code that is under active development and let ABO optimize code you do not have plans to recompile. 

Explore eligible compilers
How is ABO priced?

Since ABO 2.1, the pricing metric was changed to execution-based terms.  This means ABO is licensed based on capacity of the LPARs in which it runs, while optimized binaries can run anywhere on the system.

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