Build and modernize your COBOL applications for Linux on x86

IBM COBOL for Linux on x86 is a productive and powerful development environment for building and modernizing COBOL applications. It includes an optimizing COBOL compiler and a COBOL runtime library. COBOL for Linux on x86 is based on the same advanced optimization technology as Enterprise COBOL for z/OS. It delivers both performance and programming capabilities so you can develop business critical COBOL applications for Linux on x86 systems.

COBOL for Linux on x86 is also designed to support your journey to cloud. Strategically deploy business critical applications written in COBOL to a hybrid cloud environment or best-fit platforms that include IBM Z® (z/OS®), IBM Power Systems™ (AIX®), and x86 (Linux) platforms.

In addition to a standalone offering, COBOL for Linux on x86 is shipped as part of IBM CICS® TX to create, maintain, and deploy mission-critical line-of-business CICS COBOL applications on a cloud environment.


Develop cost-effectively

Provides a cost-effective solution for the development of COBOL applications for Linux on x86.

Optimize application performance

Delivers world-class optimization with a performance enhanced COBOL runtime library.

Deploy COBOL applications to cloud

This solution ships as part of IBM CICS TX and supports Docker and Kubernetes; IBM CICS TX Advanced is Red Hat® OpenShift® certified.

Develop COBOL programs with CICS and Db2

Interoperates with IBM CICS TX, IBM TXSeries® for Multiplatforms and IBM Db2® for Linux, UNIX® and Windows™ on Linux on x86.

World-class IBM support

Includes a premier service with personal and expert support from IBM.

IBM COBOL for Linux on x86 key features

  • Application performance optimization
  • CICS and Db2 support
  • Unicode support
  • Native support for XML
  • Source conversion utility (scu)
  • Compatibility with Enterprise COBOL for z/OS and COBOL for AIX
  • File system support
  • Generation data groups (GDGs) simulation
  • Communication between COBOL and C/C++
  • An extended source format

Which option is right for you?

COBOL for Linux on x86

For on premises deployments of COBOL applications.

CICS TX Standard

For first cloud deployments of distributed COBOL/CICS applications. COBOL for Linux on x86 is included.

CICS TX Advanced

For balancing enterprise grade COBOL/CICS application investment across on-premises (z/OS) applications and cloud environments. COBOL for Linux on x86 is included.