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Replicate objects, their metadata and tags through automatic, asynchronous copying or set up rules to perform bidirectional replication between source and destination buckets. Automated data replication can help you meet compliance and disaster recovery needs while also reducing data access latency.

Feature details Regional buckets

Meet disaster recovery requirements by setting up destination buckets across different cloud regions.

Territorial replica storage

Observe data sovereignty laws by storing replicas in destination buckets within the allowable territory.

Local replicas

Replicate data closer to where it's consumed to meet performance requirements in use cases requiring low-latency data. 

Single-bucket consolidation

Replicate data from various regions into one bucket for a single processing source.

Live cross-environment copies

Maintain live replication between development and test environments.

Backup replication

Protect against accidental deletions by always keeping a backup copy through replication.

Replica storage policies

Reduce storage costs by changing the replica storage class and lifecycle policies for the destination bucket. 

Replica account management

Change the replica account ownership independent of the source bucket.

Identical data copies

Ensure replicas in a destination bucket match source data and retain metadata.

Source data replication

Maintain redundancy by replicating source data to a destination in the same or different cloud regions.

Bidirectional replication

Set up bidirectional replication rules to sync two buckets at once.

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