IBM Sterling B2B Integration Value-Added Network (VAN)
Trusted, reliable business network which automates the connecting, delivering, and routing of your B2B EDI transactions
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IBM Sterling B2B Integration Value-Added Network (VAN) is part of the IBM Sterling Data Exchange Portfolio of solutions that supports EDI transactions, allowing you to reliably exchange structured data with your customers, suppliers, distributors, or other trading partners. B2B Integration VAN is flexible and can serve as a conduit for the data exchange software of your choice such as IBM B2B Integration software or 3rd party EDI middleware, easily connecting you to over 3.1 million pre-existing EDI trading partners globally.

This value-added network is intended for organizations who have their own EDI mapping and translation capabilities.  

Why choose IBM Sterling B2B Integration VAN?
  • Up to 55% faster to onboard new partners1
  • Up to 35% faster revenue recognition2
  • 59% less unplanned outages3


Benefits Connections simplified

Rapidly onboard and connect with new customers and partners, taking advantage of the over 3.1 million business reachable via the IBM global network. 


Greater visibility

Track, search for, and view the status of documents you exchange thru the VAN.

Domain expertise

Tap into IBM’s long-standing experience in EDI data exchange to help manage, support and maintain your B2B connections.  


Compatibility for EDI transactions with IBM Sterling B2B Integration software and most 3rd party software make this network a flexible base for your B2B integration solutions.  


IBM keeps you up-to-date with the latest security protections, scalability, and reliability capabilities. Customers report 59% less unplanned outages.1

  • Secure protocol-based document routing and delivery
  • Support for industry and technical standards
  • Track and trace visibility
  • Dynamic routing enabling trade with any entity already on the network, with no additional configuration required
  • Easy configuration of new trading partners with a few clicks
  • 24x7 support with access to a highly experienced support team via phone, email and our support portal               
Add-ons IBM Sterling B2B API Gateway

Extends the B2B transaction capabilities of IBM Sterling B2B Integration SaaS to support API, EDI as well as hybrid transactions. Featuring comprehensive API management, robust security, data transformation, analytics and monitoring, and a developer portal.

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IBM Sterling Transaction Manager

Provides a user-friendly web portal that automates manual B2B transactions. This helps save time and money by reducing errors, cutting costs and improving customer satisfaction with non-EDI suppliers, customers and other trading partners.

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IBM Sterling Document Conversion Services

IBM Sterling Document Conversion Services converts non-structured documents such as fax, emails and PDFs into an EDI or other structured format, offering an electronic alternative to inefficient manual transactions.


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How to buy
Starting at USD 200.00* per 1K characters/month IBM Sterling B2B Integration Value-Added-Network (VAN)

Get started with secure connectivity, document tracking visibility, analytics dashboards and more in the cloud.

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1,2,3 IDC Business Value of IBM Sterling Data Exchange Study;  September 2023,  Simon Ellis, Mathew Marden

*Prices shown are indicative, may vary by country, exclude any applicable taxes and duties, and are subject to product offering availability in a locale.