Diagram of Aspera data migration from on premises to cloud, to private cloud, or to on premises

Embrace a migration solution that can handle big data growth

As workloads move to the cloud, it’s increasingly necessary to migrate or replicate huge data repositories and archives to, from and between on-premises data centers and any leading cloud.

But moving large amounts of data physically and over IP networks in required timeframes can be daunting. Traditional transfer software technologies are slow, unreliable and often impractical. Shipping physical disk storage is time consuming and can also expose your data to unnecessary security risks, such as loss or theft.

IBM® Aspera® offers a patented high-speed data transfer technology that uses your existing network to securely and reliably migrate large amounts of data at maximum speed. It supports four common migration scenarios: On premises to cloud, cloud to on premises, on premises to on premises, and cloud to cloud.

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Providing fast and reliable data migration for breweries

AB InBev was looking for a fast, highly reliable, but cost-effective way of migrating massive amounts of data into its information systems, so it turned to IBM Aspera for its proven high-speed migration and synchronization solutions. The company has transformed significantly over the last few years through a series of mergers and acquisitions, which have resulted in a sprawling estate of technology systems and tremendous amounts of data, all of which had to be integrated into AB InBev’s existing infrastructure. The technology reduced the risks associated with large-scale data migrations and saved AB InBev valuable time while eliminating complexity.

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Man in brewery

How migration solutions help clients succeed

Put the exceptional migration capabilities of Aspera to work

Reduce migration windows

Achieve unrivaled migration times when transferring large files and data repositories over global IP networks between on-premises and cloud data centers.

Lower migration costs

Eliminate manual, time-intensive physical shipment efforts and two-phased uploads that consume valuable cloud storage and compute resources.

Reduce risks

Leverage the end-to-end security of Aspera, including authentication and encryption in transit and at rest with strong cryptography, data-integrity verification and FIPS 140-2 compliance.

Try Aspera on Cloud

Learn about the hosted service of Aspera to quickly and reliably move and share your data.

Aspera is also available with other capabilities in IBM Cloud Pak® for Integration, which can help you achieve your application modernization goals as part of your journey to cloud.

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¹ Across all major cloud providers and regions (link resides outside IBM); additional data centers and regions will be added

² Based on 100 TB transferred from the US to Europe over a 10 Gbps network with .0025% packet loss  

³ Based on 100 TB transferred from the US to Europe over a 10 Gbps network with .0025% packet loss