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IBM Aspera gives you high-speed data transfer to move large volumes of data to, from and between on-premises data centers and any major cloud
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Embrace a migration solution that can handle big data growth

IBM® Aspera® offers high-speed data transfers using your existing network to migrate large amounts of data.

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Pushing the limits of performance and scale 35 cloud data centers

to store and access your data securely¹.

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100 TB/day

migrated to the cloud using Aspera².

400% faster

than TCP when migrating millions of files³.

Put the migration capabilities of Aspera to work Reduce migration windows

Achieve unrivaled migration times when transferring large files and data repositories.


Lower migration costs

Eliminate manual, time-intensive physical shipment efforts and two-phased uploads.

Reduce risks

Leverage end-to-end security, including authentication and encryption in transit and at rest.


Case Studies BASE Media Cloud

BASE Media Cloud powers a global media distribution portal and centralized storage hub using IBM Aspera technology.

FOX Sports

FOX Sports used Aspera to transfer terabytes of footage from Super Bowl LIV for editing and post-production.

Key Aspera products for data migration IBM Aspera Enterprise

Access the full suite of Aspera enterprise applications for transferring large data sets quickly.

IBM Aspera on Cloud

Send and share big files and data sets across any distance at maximum speed.

IBM Aspera High-Speed Transfer Server

Perform high-speed transfers of files and large data sets using desktop, mobile and web apps.

IBM Aspera on Demand

Deploy IBM Aspera client and server product bundles offered with a usage-based license model.

IBM Aspera Console

Get full visibility, reporting and management of the Aspera high-speed transfer environment.

IBM Aspera Proxy Gateway

Protect your organization’s network while enabling secure, high-speed transfers for client users.

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¹ Across all major cloud providers and regions (link resides outside ibm.com) additional data centers and regions will be added

² ³ Based on 100 TB transferred from the US to Europe over a 10 Gbps network with .0025% packet loss