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General inquiries

Tel: +853-28786687
Fax: +853-28782136
Hotline support: +853-87959832

IBM World Trade Corporation
Avenida Dr. Mario Soraes
Edificio Banco da China
Andar C. Macau

1 Note 1: Please refer to the AT&T Direct web site for current AT&T Direct codes:
2 Note 2: This is a US toll free number. Please dial the current AT&T Direct code (Note 1) then the given number.


Technical Support

Electronic service requests can be submitted for hardware or software under warranty or with a support contract.
  Informix Software Support
Prime Shift 8795-9832
Off shift Sev 1's dial AT&T Direct code: (Note 1), then 888-876-9797 (Note 2) 1,2