General contact information

General inquiries

Tel: Toll Free: 0800-7014-262
Fax: Toll Free: 0800-7074-850

Tel: Toll Free: 0800-7071-426

IBM Brasil
Rua Tutóia, 1157
04007-900 - São Paulo - SP


1For calls made from within Sao Paulo region
2For calls made from outside Sao Paulo region
3Hours of operation from Monday to Friday (except national holidays), from 8:00AM to 6:00PM.
4English only during off shift hours


Technical support

Electronic service requests can be submitted for hardware or software under warranty or with a support contract.


Desktop, ThinkPad and WorkPad
Tel: (11) 3889-89861,3

Desktop, ThinkPad and WorkPad
Toll Free: 0800-7014 8152,3

System x, Netfinity and Intellistation
Toll Free: 0800-728-4831 3

For questions and general information (IBM &YOU)
Toll Free: 0800-7014-262 3

Hardware Support
Toll: 55-11-3003-2717
Toll free: 0800-728-7378

Software Support (Operating Systems, WebSphere, Information Management including Cognos, Tivoli, & Rational)
Toll: 55-11-3003-2717 1
Toll free: 0800-728-7378 2

Customer support

Contracts, order status, delivery, inventory, invoices and payments.