What IBM FlashSystem 900 can do for your business

IBM FlashSystem® 900 all-flash storage arrays accelerate applications, delivering Tier 0 performance with consistent low latency and inline hardware data compression. This high-speed, reliable, and cost-effective system supports your most demanding applications such as online transaction processing, analytics, databases, virtual desktop infrastructures, technical computing applications, and cloud environments. Powered by IBM FlashCore® technology, FlashSystem 900 delivers real-time insights, empowering your enterprise to quickly make data-driven decisions to gain competitive advantage.
IBM FlashSystem 900

Faster time to insight

Accelerate your critical applications and analytics workloads with low-latency response times from FlashSystem 900

Faster time to value

Reduce your total cost of ownership and improve infrastructure efficiency with Energy Star certified, low-latency flash storage

Protect critical assets

FlashSystem 900 delivers 99.999% reliability to your environment with fully redundant components, two dimensions of RAID, and advanced flash management

Key features

  • IBM FlashCore technology
  • Ultra-low latency
  • Inline hardware compression
  • Up to 12 IBM MicroLatency modules
  • Five-nines availability
  • Enterprise-class, two-dimensional flash RAID technology
  • Highspeed 16GB NVMe-of FC interface
  • Intelligent support
  • IBM Storage Utility Offering
  • Encryption: local and SKLM
  • Transform CAPEX costs to OPEX

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