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What is Watson Studio?

Watson™ Studio is a platform for businesses to build and train AI and machine learning models and to prepare and analyze data — all in a flexible hybrid cloud environment. Watson Studio provides tools for data scientists, application developers and subject matter experts to collaborate and easily work with data to build and train models at scale.

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What happened to IBM Data Science Experience Local?

IBM Data Science Experience Local was renamed IBM Watson Studio Local, because the new name better aligns with its AI features. All the existing IBM Data Science Experience Local product identifier descriptions are renamed under Watson Studio Local and are identical. Add-ons for IBM SPSS®, IBM Decision Optimization and Watson Explorer are still available as part of the Watson Studio Local add-on.

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What is Watson Studio Desktop?

Watson Studio Desktop is a new product in the Watson Studio product family. Users can prepare data and build models offline and online, with the ability to connect to other data sources while keeping data sets on individual desktops. This differs from cloud deployment, in which users need to upload data to the cloud and are subject to cluster performance.

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When will Watson Studio Desktop be released?

Watson Studio Desktop has been released and is now available as a subscription offering for a special introductory price of USD 199 per month. Start to prepare, blend, explore and model your data without coding, today. Visit the Watson Studio pricing page for more details.

How do Watson Studio Cloud and Watson Studio Local differ?

Watson Studio Local is software to be deployed on premises inside the firewall, whereas Watson Studio Cloud is part of the IBM Cloud™, a public cloud platform.

Is Watson Studio now available on IBM Cloud Private or IBM Cloud Private for Data?

Watson Studio Local (formerly IBM Data Science Experience) and Watson Studio Desktop are part of IBM Cloud Private and IBM Cloud Private for Data. Watson Studio Cloud remains outside of IBM Cloud Private and IBM Cloud Private for Data.

Will IBM Watson Explorer capabilities be added to Watson Studio as microservices or APIs?

No. Watson Explorer is available only on premises. Similar "search" capabilities exist through the Watson Studio Catalog offering.

Is IBM Decision Optimization software available as part of Watson Studio Cloud?

IBM Decision Optimization capabilities are available through APIs on the cloud. Capabilities that are unique to the on-premises version, such as the natural language-based Modeling Assistant, are not available today in Watson Studio Cloud, but are under consideration for a future roadmap.

How do I sign up for the free trial?

Signing up for the Lite plan free trial is easy. Visit the Watson Studio web page and click "Start your free trial." You will be asked to enter or sign up for an IBM ID. Simply enter your information and confirm your email address, and you'll be logged in directly to Watson Studio to get started.

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How long can I use the free trial?

You'll be able to use the Lite plan for as long as you want. The Lite plan is limited based on monthly usage limits which refresh every month.

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What is the difference between the Standard and Enterprise plans?

The Standard plan is USD 99 per month per user and gives you access to all the same functionality as the Enterprise plan. The Standard plan gives you 50 capacity unit hours (CUH) per month and you'll only be charged extra for any CUH you use in excess of the monthly allotment. The Enterprise plan works the same way, but provides you 5,000 CUH per month, up to five authorized users and unlimited viewers.

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I have multiple users on my team that need to collaborate. Which option is right for me?

The Enterprise plan for Watson Studio will help enable your team to solve problems and gain advantage with enterprise-scale data science and AI. The Enterprise plan includes five authorized users, unlimited viewer collaborators, 5,000 monthly capacity unit-hours (CUH) and unlimited elastic compute environments.

What do I do if I can’t log in? It says my trial expired, but I never used this before.

IBM Watson® applications are powered by IBM Cloud, and if you previously used an IBM Cloud account, that account is now expired. To continue your trial, you must obtain a code by contacting IBM through the ”Let’s talk” button available in the lower right corner of this web page.

How do I continue using Watson applications after my IBM Cloud trial ends?

During your IBM Cloud trial, you can obtain a code to continue your trial by contacting IBM through the ”Let’s talk” button in the lower right corner of this web page. Alternatively, you can upgrade your IBM Cloud account to pay-as-you-go by providing a credit card number.

What do I do if I can't create a Spark instance because I've reached my service limit?

With an IBM Cloud trial, you can use four services of any type. When you set up Watson Studio, you create two services, including Apache Spark and object storage. If you already have three or four services, you cannot create two more. Go to your IBM Cloud account and delete IBM Cloud services until you have a maximum of two, then try again to set up an Apache Spark instance in Watson Studio.

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How do I load very large files to my project?

You can't load data files larger than 5 GB to your project from the Watson Studio application. If your files are larger, you must use the IBM Cloud Object Storage API and load the data in multiple parts. See the curl commands below for working with IBM Cloud Object Storage directly on IBM Cloud.

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Is there a support website for Watson Studio?

Yes, there is the Stack Overflow forum where you can submit questions related to your offering and they will be answered.

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