What is a workflow?

Create a workflow using workflow management software to simplify and optimize business processes by coordinating interactions among stakeholders, individuals and information systems. Workflows also support manual and automated tasks to increase productivity and improve collaboration.

How it’s used 

 What you get 

Workflow features

Everything you need to simplify and optimize business processes.

Workflow management

Empower your business users with the ability to directly participate in workflow improvement.

Governance and compliance

Meet and manage information lifecycle governance needs such as customer data protection and data retention regulations.

Content-centric applications

Implement changes and deploy new customized solutions with agility.

VM and container technology

Take advantage of high availability, disaster recovery options and multiple environments for development and testing.

Monitoring and analytics

Get insight and visibility to engage participants, scale for transformation, prioritize work and improve productivity.

Public cloud access

Connect from the public cloud or mobile devices through the cloud portal, or use a separately available VPN.

Reuse of process components

Improve efficiency, productivity and consistency across multiple workflows and business groups.

Automation foundation

Shared components

Build once and reuse

A set of common AI and automation components power each IBM Cloud Pak and provide security-rich integrations between them — so you can build once and then reuse across your business and IT operations. Key components include:

  • Process mining to identify trends, patterns and details of how a process unfolds
  • Task mining to find low-hanging RPA opportunities
  • Robotic process automation to automate repetitive tasks
  • Unified asset repository to store and share reusable automation artifacts
  • Single event hub to process event data in real time and feed machine learning

Work orchestration

Personal, interactive AI

Give workers their own interactive AI — in tools they already use, like email, calendars and Slack® collaboration software — to help them perform routine and mission-critical tasks faster. Initiate work just by speaking and then a powerful AI engine goes to work combining prepackaged skills based on organizational knowledge and prior interactions.

Enterprise-grade containers

Deploy anywhere

The automation foundation and IBM Cloud Paks are containerized software that run on Red Hat® OpenShift®, an enterprise-ready Kubernetes platform. Such containers are ready to deploy anywhere: hybrid cloud, multicloud and edge. Red Hat Open Shift offers one point of control to simplify orchestration across all of your environments.

IBM certifies and manages the container templates to automate the software lifecycle from configuration to monitoring, scaling, compliance and patching. Security hardening techniques reduce the chance of even common vulnerabilities.

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