Get the most from the Parallel Sysplex technology

Availability resources

Availability checklist

A guide for achieving near-continuous application availability

Mission: Available

Configure your Sysplex infrastructure for high availability

Parallel Sysplex best practices

Tips on design, implementation, and management for performance and availability

CF level information

Coupling Facility Structures

Examples of possible CF structures and their function

Coupling Facility Levels

Summary of CPC support for coupling facility code levels

CF configuration options

Examine Coupling Facility technology alternatives

System-managed CF duplexing

Compare internal vs. stand-alone CF structure placement requirements

Connectivity resources

IBM Z connectivity handbook

A guide to the options available for IBM Z within the data center and beyond

Disaster recovery resources

Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex (GDPS)

IBM's multi-site application availability solution for disaster recovery

Mean time to recovery best practices

Minimize downtime, reduce MTTR and improve startup and shutdown times

FICON Extended Distance Solution (FEDS)

Transport solution for backup and recovery in a Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)



Maintain critical data sets on isolated DASD subsystems.

Sizer utility

CFSizer alternate sizing techniques

Service and support

Make the most of your IBM Z investment

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