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IBM Z mainframes run on a variety of operating systems and provide a highly scalable and secure IT infrastructure. IBM Z offers extreme performance, reliability and availability – on premises, off premises, or provisioned as-a-service, for the trusted digital experiences.


IBM z/OS® delivers innovations to help you build the highly scalable next-generation infrastructure you need to capture opportunities in the digital economy. IBM z/OS offers leading scalability, resiliency, availability, and security to exceed response time objectives, to protect sensitive information and assets, and to innovate with new business applications.  

Featured topic: z/OS V2.3 announcement
The z/OS V2.3 delivers performance, availability, scale, I/O support, and security, on or off premises or provisioned as-a-service. IBM z14 and z/OS V2.3 are intended to help clients keep applications and data available, system resources secure, server utilization high, and programming environments adaptable and compatible for applications. z/OS V2.3 offers easier encryption of extensive amounts of data, simplifies platform management, and provides a simple, consumable approach for self-service provisioning and rapid delivery of software as a service.

Linux on z Systems

The Linux environment benefits from the enormous capabilities of the IBM mainframe, IBM z/VM virtualization and IBM Wave for z/VM virtualization management technologies, providing an enterprise grade Linux platform for all kind of workloads - cloud, analytics, mobile, and much more – data center simplification, trusted operations and unrivaled economics. Benefits include:

• Enterprise grade Linux with increased economics and qualities of service.
• Run hundreds of virtual Linux servers concurrently, with ensured isolation and protection of each virtual server environment.
• Consolidate and deploy new workloads on one single IBM Z server, which may result in software license savings, management effort savings, floor space and energy savings.
• Run a large number of parallel workloads in a highly efficient and economical way is improved into new dimensions.

KVM on z Systems

KVM, a strategic open source component for IBM Z and IBM LinuxONE servers, will now be offered through our Linux distribution partners to help simplify the delivery and installation. Now with KVM being included in the Linux distribution, ordering and installing KVM should be simplified for our customers.

z/Transaction Processing Facility (z/TPF)

Transaction processing is a largely invisible back-end business computing function. Yet it is a key enabler of an enormous range of economic activities – from travel reservation and ticketing systems and electronic banking, to financial transactions and e-commerce.

Transaction processing is and will remain a critical component of the world’s economic engine – responsible for handling trillions of transactions every year. The workload volume managed by major users of transaction-processing systems is enormous. The majority of high volume transaction processing applications run on mainframes and rely on operating systems such as zTPF.


The advanced virtualization technologies of the z/VM hypervisor combined with the highly attractive economics on the highly secure and reliable IBM Z mainframes help clients extend the business value of mainframe technology across the enterprise by integrating applications and data while providing exceptional levels of availability, security, and operational ease. z/VM virtualization technology is designed to allow the capability for clients to run hundreds to thousands of Linux servers as z/VM guests in a single mainframe while hosting other Z operating systems for non-Linux workloads, such as z/OS®, z/VSE, and z/TPF on the same Z or as a large-scale Linux-only enterprise server solution. The proven capabilities of z/VM can help provide Linux guests with the mainframe's powerful resources.

Featured topic: z/VM Version 6 Release 4

This latest release provides cost savings opportunities and provides the foundation for cognitive computing on IBM Z and IBM LinuxONE with extreme scalability, security and efficiency.


Z/VSE is designed to help clients protect their investments in the z/VSE platform, such as applications and data, as well as business processes and IT skills. Connectors build the base for hybrid solutions. Existing z/VSE solutions can be extended to access applications on Linux on z Systems (IBM Z), or any other platform, and vice versa. Support for latest IBM Z and IBM storage systems may help clients to benefit from innovative IBM technology, like accelerated data encryption, improved networking and SAN infrastructure.

Featured topic: IBM z/VSE V6.2

The focus of z/VSE V6.2 is online transaction processing, security, and connectivity to improve the integration of z/VSE in a heterogeneous environment using web-based business solutions. Together with hardware exploitation, ease-of-use functionality, and support of the latest IBM Z and IBM System Storage technology, z/VSE V6.2 delivers additional functionality that may provide additional benefits to z/VSE clients. It helps clients with growing z/VSE workloads, and allows them to better protect their investments in the z/VSE platform.

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