The platform for real-time insights

What if you could gain insight while transactions were taking place? Gain actionable insights without any data movement by applying AI and open source machine learning to the valuable data that is securely in place on the mainframe.

The newest IBM Z® system, IBM z15, is designed for the highest data privacy, security  and resiliency  — and extends that protection across your hybrid cloud environment.

Software for real-time analytics and AI

Embed AI into real-world production apps

Build machine learning models using your platform of choice and quickly deploy those models within transactional  applications while maintaining SLAs.

Gain real-time insights from data at its source

Exploit in-memory computing, keep data securely in place, and optimize the runtime of open source technologies such as Spark, Anaconda and Python.

Analyze enterprise data at speed

Transform IBM Z into a hybrid transaction and analytic processing (HTAP) environment by analyzing transactional data as it is generated.

Hear from customers

The simplified operations integrated with our IBM z Systems and Db2 platform, and the ease of configuration and management, are major factors. Most of all, the ability to extend accelerated analytics to new areas of the business truly distinguishes IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator from the competition – and we’re starting that journey right now.

Roger Gattis, Manager IS Large Systems, Baldor Electric Company

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