Gain impactful insights

As data proliferates deriving business insight becomes more challenging. Machine Learning on IBM Z enables users to extract hidden value from the massive volumes of enterprise data already residing on the mainframe. And when you locate your analytics on Z you can integrate transactional and historical data on a single platform. The result is continuous cognitive insights and real-time analytics – so you can outthink your competition.

Can AI revolutionize your analytics?

It’s not science fiction. Machine Learning, a type of Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows computers to learn without being explicitly programmed. If you’ve watched a movie on Netflix or made a purchase on Amazon, chances are AI was used.

With Machine Learning on IBM Z you can deliver optimized customer interactions. Leverage self-learning behavioral models to extract hidden value from enterprise data securely, in place, and in real time.

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Can you analyze volumes of data, securely, with no data movement?

IBM Z can. Your enterprise can enable real-time analytics by making all types of data – transactional, operational, social–accessible to your various lines of business.

By exploiting in-memory computing, and leaving continuously updated data securely in-place, you can increase the accuracy of your analytics and build predictive behavioral models.

Can better experiences start with operational and transactional data?

Data is perishable. Imagine having real-time access to in-the-moment transactional and operational data, regardless of where it resides.

Zero latency for data access enables you to reduce fraud, make better recommendations, and provide exceptional customer service, all at the moment of impact.


“Instead of waiting for days or weeks for data to be loaded… we are seeing
customers who want to do analytics real time on transactions that are being
processed in the moment.”

– Frank Fillmore, DB2 Gold Consultant, The Fillmore Group