What is a multicloud platform?

A multicloud platform is an IT infrastructure environment where multiple clouds are connected, but managed separately. Multicloud allows you to use services from different vendors, including IBM Z, to meet the needs of your workloads. By 2020, it is expected that over 90% of enterprises will use multicloud services and platforms.(1)


The multicloud challenge

According to a recent IBM study, nearly every organization surveyed plans to adopt multicloud architectures, but relatively few are ready to manage these environments.

However, those who are leading in multicloud management are also outperforming in revenues, profitability and efficiency.


85% of companies are already operating in multicloud environments. (2)


Only 41% have a management strategy and only 38% have procedures and tools.(3)

Why IBM Z for multicloud

Making IBM Z part of your multicloud strategy enables optimized access to  enterprise transactions and data, and allows cross cloud development and management architectures with reduced risk. See how.

IBM Cloud Private on Z and LinuxONE

Build, deploy, and manage cloud-native applications.

z/OS Cloud Broker for IBM Cloud Private

Integrate z/OS® with a modern cloud development platform.

IBM Hyper Protect Services

Protect your data with high reliability and data isolation.

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What can IBM Z do for your multicloud strategy?

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