SAP HANA storage — delivering efficiency for the data requirements of today and tomorrow

See the financial benefits organizations are experiencing by using IBM Storage for SAP HANA including a 279% ROI & 7 month payback.

Flexible to handle dynamic data demands with ease

Implement smarter SAP HANA storage that scales easily and affordably to match the price, capacity and performance needs of any SAP application.

Resilient to increase data availability requirements

Eliminate SAP HANA storage application downtime with a broad set of high availability, cyber resiliency and next-generation backup and recovery options for the most mission-critical SAP applications. 

Open to future-proof your data services

Ready your data infrastructure for any requirement with storage that integrates easily and is designed for the complexities of hybrid multicloud SAP HANA storage deployments.

Choose the system best suited for your SAP HANA deployment

All flash and hybrid storage systems with enterprise-class capability

IBM FlashSystem 5010 and FlashSystem 5030 offer the performance, functionality, and cost-efficiency demanded by enterprise entry-level SAP workloads. These SAP HANA storage solutions focus on affordability with a wide range of enterprise-grade features that can easily evolve as your business grows.

NVMe enterprise entry-level all flash and hybrid flash SAP HANA storage solution

IBM FlashSystem 5100 with NVMe-oF combines flash performance with SCM capabilities for affordable, end-to-end NVMe-accelerated, multicloud-enabled all-flash and hybrid flash SAP HANA storage solutions.

Cost-optimized end-to-end NVMe flash acceleration

IBM FlashSystem 7200 is a cost-optimized, combining , end-to-end NVMe, with SCM support for flash acceleration with optional hybrid flash expansions. Enterprise-class SAP HANA storage features include extensive AI-based storage resource management, predictive analytics and automated data placement.

NVMe and multicloud for SAP HANA

Gain the performance of all-flash and NVMe with the reliability and innovation of IBM FlashCore technology, SCM for ultra-low latency, and the rich features of IBM Spectrum Virtualize — all in a powerful 2U enterprise-class, blazing fast SAP HANA storage system.

Designed for mission-critical SAP applications

Bring unparalleled performance, data protection, resiliency, availability and hybrid multicloud capabilities to your SAP HANA storage environment.

Extend and modernize your SAP HANA investment with IBM software defined storage

IBM Spectrum Virtualize™

Simplify SAP HANA storage management with data tiering and virtualization. IBM Spectrum Virtualize is fully integrated with SAP Landscape Management, providing a single access point to manage the entire SAP stack.

IBM Spectrum Protect

Enable market-leading data protection and system availability. Backup to the cloud is simple, secure, and cost-effective with IBM Spectrum Protect implemented as part of the SAP S/4HANA data protection solution.

IBM Spectrum Copy Data Management

Deliver near-instant data recovery while making SAP HANA data copies available to consumers—when and where they need them—to accelerate SAP application deployment.

IBM Storage Insights

Manage complexity, optimize cost and streamline support of your SAP HANA storage, all from IBM Cloud. Combine proven IBM data storage management leadership with AI technologies from IBM Research.

Simplify and accelerate your SAP HANA deployments

Is your server infrastructure prepared for SAP HANA? Learn how IBM Power Systems™ can make your SAP HANA deployments succeed.

SAP HANA on IBM Storage client success stories

Check out the experiences of these organizations that have chosen to trust their SAP HANA data to IBM Storage.

Kuantum Papers

“As well as significantly reducing our data center footprint, the combined IBM Power Systems and IBM Storage solution is highly secure, extremely straightforward to manage and offers us all the headroom we need to scale out for at least the next few years.”


"With SAP S/4HANA on IBM Power Systems and IBM FlashSystem, we can start with the right-size solutions for our needs and then scale cost-effectively as the business develops."

System Design Analysis, Inc.

In four out of five cases, we recommend IBM Power Systems and IBM Storage because they naturally come out on top.

SAP HANA storage resources

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SAP HANA by the numbers.  Find out why IBM Storage for SAP HANA is flexible, resilient and open to handle all your evolving  data demands.

More IBM Storage solutions, capabilities and technologies

Ready to harness the power of your data with reliable data management you can trust?  Learn what IBM Storage solutions, capabilities and technologies can do for you.

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