The journey to SAP HANA can be complicated, so don’t add complexity in your storage environment. Confidently migrate to SAP HANA with a family of SAP-certified, IBM storage solutions that are simple to use, quick to deploy and easily adaptable.


See the financial benefits organizations are experiencing by using IBM Storage for SAP HANA including a 279% ROI & 7 month payback.


Implement smarter SAP HANA storage that scales easily and affordably to handle dynamic data demands and meet the needs of any SAP application.


Eliminate SAP HANA storage application downtime with a broad set of recovery options for the most mission-critical SAP applications.


Future-proof your data services with storage that integrates easily and is designed for the complexities of hybrid cloud SAP HANA storage deployments.

SAP certified storage systems for SAP HANA

Affordable storage systems for SAP HANA workloads

Simplify with affordable, all-flash and hybrid flash storage solutions to run your most demanding applications and workloads.

NVMe enterprise entry-level flash SAP HANA storage

Easily deploy and scale with new compact & powerful end-to-end NVMe-accelerated, hybrid cloud enabled flash arrays.

Cost-optimized end-to-end NVMe flash acceleration

Bring high-end capability to mid-range storage with end-to-end NVMe-accelerated, hybrid cloud enabled midrange enterprise flash arrays.

NVMe and multicloud for SAP HANA

Get intensive data-driven hybrid cloud storage capacity with end-to-end NVMe-accelerated, hybrid cloud enabled high-end enterprise all-flash arrays.

Designed for mission-critical SAP applications

Trust your data-intensive and mission-critical workloads to the fastest, most reliable and secure storage system for IBM z15™ and LinuxONE III.

SAP HANA Servers

SAP HANA servers and storage let you maintain the reliability and flexibility required for your hybrid cloud.

Services for SAP Solutions

The strategic pairing of IBM and SAP experts help worldwide organizations, of all sizes and across all industries, with custom plans that lower costs, increase agility and improve results.

SAP HANA storage case studies

Blanc und Fischer IT Services GmbH

The IT services provider standardized its SAP applications to IBM Storage and IBM Power® Systems in order to enable new, innovative business models.

General Milling Corporation

The foods giant engaged deployed SAP S/4HANA on IBM Power Systems and IBM FlashSystem storage to unlock manufacturing and financial savings.

Kuantum Papers

The paper company deployed SAP S/4HANA solutions running on IBM infrastructure to reduce operational costs and increase production control.


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Storage for SAP HANA quick view

Learn more about how IBM Storage for SAP HANA can handle your evolving data needs.

SAP HANA defined

Find out what SAP HANA is and discover how it can benefit your organization.

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