Tailor your IBM hybrid flash storage system to your exact business needs

Meet performance objectives

Meet performance objectives

Automate data placement across flash and disk devices. Deliver fast performance when and where you need it by moving the most frequently used data to your highest speed devices with hybrid flash storage.

Optimize data economics

Optimize data economics

Lower your total cost of ownership with the best mix of flash and traditional spinning drives to meet your service level agreements at the most reasonable cost.

Support a range of workloads

Support a range of workloads

Deliver the performance required to support critical workloads like big data analytics and media streaming, along with a variety of mixed workloads, as in public and private clouds with hybrid flash arrays.

Hybrid flash storage built with IBM Spectrum Virtualize

NEW! IBM Storwize V5000 with NVMe

A family of affordable, enterprise-grade storage solutions including an end-to-end NVMe model. New offerings are designed for entry- level and midrange storage requirements with increased functionality and performance.

IBM Storwize V7000 with NVMe

Cost-optimized, end-to-end NVMe flash acceleration with optional hybrid flash expansions. Enterprise-class features include extensive AI-based storage resource management, predictive analytics and automated data placement.

Hybrid Flash Storage for Mainframes

IBM DS8880

IBM DS8880 combines intelligent flash performance, unparalleled data protection and advanced capabilities optimized for IBM Z. It is designed to deliver the fastest application response times in the market for mainframe environments, including unique 3 and 4 site replication with 3 to 5 seconds RPO at more than 1,000 miles. In addition, IBM DS8880 utilizes transparent data migration to hybrid cloud and cyber resilient functions to prevent sensitive data from being modified or deleted due to user errors, malicious destruction or ransomware attacks.

What customers are saying

IBM Power Systems and Storwize are perfect for running SAP-Hana, and the combination gives us what we need to take Groupe Bastide global.

Emmanuel Romieu, IT Manager, Groupe Bastide

Groupe Bastide pursues rapid growth while maintaining exceptional service

Groupe Bastide was known for providing superior service around medical devices, resulting in rapid growth. 

The company implemented SAP Hana on IBM Power Systems underpinned by IBM Storwize® V5010 storage arrays in order to expand while still maintaining a reputation for excellence. This allowed them to expand without disruption, enhance productivity, and support exceptional service continuity.

Case studies

Met Office

IBM Storwize V7000F gave Met Office a 2:1 compression ratio for data, enabling them to buy less capacity while delivering both exceptional performance and efficiency.

Unique Software Industries, LTD.

Unique saw performance gains of 30-40% and accelerated the runtime by more than 33%.

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