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Annual meetings and proxy voting

At the annual meeting, stockholders have the opportunity to vote on the election of directors and to act on other matters.

Stockholders are sent an annual report together with a notice of the annual meeting and proxy statement that contains the details of the meeting, the procedure for requesting admission tickets (if applicable) and items to be voted on. A proxy card is furnished so that stockholders can cast their votes on such matters. Annual meeting material is usually mailed 30 to 45 days prior to the meeting and stockholders are urged to vote by returning the completed proxy card, voting through the Internet or by telephone.

If you would like to receive your annual report and notice of the annual meeting in a paperless way through the Internet, click here.

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Change of address

Notifying Computershare (see contact information) promptly of a change on your mailing address will reduce the possibility of a delay in receiving your dividend checks, statements and other important stockholder mailings. You can change your address by calling and speaking with a customer service representative or by writing to Computershare (see contact information).

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Replacing lost or stolen stock certificates

If your stock certificate is lost, stolen or destroyed, or if it was mailed to you directly by Computershare and was not received, you should notify Computershare immediately so that a "stop transfer" can be placed on the certificate (see contact information). Computershare will send you the forms necessary for issuing a replacement certificate.

If the certificate was lost, stolen or destroyed, there is a replacement charge which is approximately 3% of the market value ($20.00 minimum) of the shares to purchase the replacement indemnity bond, plus a $80.00 processing fee. The surety company receives the premium for providing the replacement indemnity bond and Computershare receives the processing fee.

There is no charge if the certificate was mailed to you directly by Computershare and was not received within one-year from the issuance date. If you did not receive the certificate that was mailed by Computershare, it is important that you report the non-receipt within one-year of the issuance date and that you state, at that time, that you did not receive it. If you do not report the non-receipt within one year from the issue date, and if you do not state that you did not receive the stock certificate, you will incur indemnity bond and processing fees to replace the stock certificate.

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