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How quickly can you predict healthcare supply chain disruptions?

You understand that the effects of supply chain problems often go far deeper than a disruption in your hospital’s schedules and budget. Patient experience and the quality of patient care is priority-one. So, when your hospital has to reschedule surgeries at the last minute because you are missing critical medical supplies, it’s not only costly to the facility—it’s frustrating and emotionally taxing for patients. As a healthcare Supply Chain Leader, you need real-time visibility into where your supplies are, and accurate, actionable data that lets you know when they will be available.


Get access to the right critical supplies at the right time

According to a survey by Cardinal Health, 40% of healthcare providers have canceled a surgery, and 69% have rescheduled one due to a lack of medical supplies. Predicting supply chain disruptions can represent significant cost-savings and help drive better patient and staff experiences.2

2 Cardinal Health, Hospital Supply Chain Survey


Avoid critical shortages through better healthcare supply chain visibility and agility

Always having critical supplies, medications, and equipment on hand starts with end-to-end visibility across both internal inventory and your entire supply chain. With supply chain technology solutions from IBM, hospitals and clinics can drive resiliency across their supply chains with accurate, actionable data to limit costly disruptions, and dynamically respond to demand changes. Providers can reduce operational costs and know that treatment is available to all of their patients, without delays.

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IBM Sterling Inventory Control Tower

Use key technologies like AI, machine learning and control towers to drive supply chain resiliency, increase efficiencies and enable providers and patients to have what they need when they need it most.

Lightning above cityscape at night
Lightning above cityscape at night

IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite

Better predict and respond to weather disruptions that could impact your hospitals, clinics, and healthcare supply chain.

Gain greater visibility into your supply chain inventories

Hospitals and clinics can proactively respond to increased demand thanks to end-to-end inventory visibility and real-time, actionable data and insights across their supply chain. Supply Chain Leaders and their staff can have access to supply chain data at their fingertips to make timely and more accurate decisions with confidence, and keep operations running smoothly.

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