Worker in protective gear carrying sealed boxes

Establish supply chain resilience in an unpredictable world

Healthcare systems and hospitals have never been more challenged to sustain the resources critical for protecting patients and healthcare workers. With a more resilient supply chain, you can reduce inventory loss by knowing exactly where vital supplies are across siloed systems in the network. Automation of repetitive inventory tasks results in higher productivity and retention of healthcare workers, enabling them to focus on what really matters — quality of patient care.

IBM® Supply Chain Control Tower, enabled with AI, provides the insights you need to see your inventory wherever it is, predict disruptions by identifying and understanding the effects of demand and external events, and take actions based on recommendations to mitigate the impacts. This helps you respond faster to changes and deliver better patient care while helping to reduce costs.

Key benefits

Increase inventory visibility across your network

Gain accurate, real-time, end-to-end visibility across the supply chain and your network — all in a personalized dashboard.

Improve your ability to sense demand and disruptions

Better predict disruptions and depletion rates, forecast medical supply availability, and quickly respond to events with AI that provides smart alerts and actionable insights.

Support decision-making and drive performance to improve patient care

Enable better control, collaboration and management of exceptions and inventory across your workflows with an AI-powered collaboration platform and digital playbooks.

Use cases

Predict hospital inventory consumption and depletion rates

Modernize healthcare inventory management to predict inventory consumption and depletion rates; reduce manual tasks and improve efficiency; and reduce working capital costs.

Manage test kits and scarce supply

Provide tracking ability — for both individual components and assembled kits — through distribution channels to speed up pre-assembly and delivery of scarce items during a crisis.

Control towers deliver value in healthcare

Cost of care

• Reduce overall inventory levels and costs through shared inventory visibility.

• Reduce item obsolescence and expiration.

• Decrease overage and maverick spending.

Patient experience

• Avoid appointment and procedure delays caused by supply availability.

• Ensure supplies for a sanitary, safe and secure patient experience.

Staffing resources and support

• Reduce nursing staff time in locating and managing inventory.

• Increase staff retention through improved work experience.