Assisting with repairs

Field technician

Dispatch repair technician

Sam, the repair technician, receives the work order instructions and is dispatched to the location of the asset to investigate the pump issue. Sam is a new technician.

Seeking advice with
an AI assistant

Sam arrives at the pump location and, after investigating the issue, realizes it will require a repair he has not performed before. Rather than sift through manuals, review old notes, or call his supervisor, he can instead use the AI assistant’s "seek advice" feature. This feature aggregates data from sources like work order history, IoT sensors, and EAM systems and uses AI to analyze the issue based on a series of inputs.

Troubleshooting repairs

The AI assistant can troubleshoot repairs based on all inputs and determine the most probable solution.

Completion of repair in one trip

With the help of the AI assistant, Sam can complete the repair in one trip. This helps ensure that the repair is completed right the first time, that the technicians use their time most effectively, and that the asset does not fail before the repair can be completed.

AI assistant is always learning

Based on the success of the repair, Sam can indicate whether the information provided was helpful or not using the thumbs-up tool. This helps the system continue to learn and refine for future troubleshooting.

Next steps