Explore how predictive analytics can help anticipate and minimize service interruptions with better management of components and failure based on history and usage.Explore how you can help your company to better manage component and failure based on history and usage.


the speed of a normal rail system causes demanding maintenance requirements¹ 

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How IoT is driving the future of rail

Global rail traffic is on track to double over the next few years. See how IoT can help rail systems modernize to handle the fast-paced environment and its unique challenges.

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IBM offers solutions to help rail systems keep pace in a rapidly changing industry without major infrastructure disruption.


of trains arrive and depart within six seconds of their scheduled times²


 of maintenance work orders are managed through the MMIS system³

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Taiwan High Speed Rail: Keeping passenger safety at the forefront

With its new high-speed transport system in place, Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation (THSRC) needed to safely and proactively manage challenging maintenance requirements.

“IBM’s software has helped us gain greater insight into the condition of our assets, develop more efficient work processes and to stay one step ahead of maintenance issues.”

Ming-Der Lee, Manager, Maintenance Information Systems, THSRC

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Discover how dynamic IBM solutions can help you better manage maintenance schedules for your rail system.

¹Predictive maintenance analytics for travel and transportation (IBM Solution Brief, August 2013)

² ³“Connected trains: How IoT is driving the future of rail.” IBM IoT blog, 21 Nov 2016