Solution areas

Watson marketing

Discover what your guests really want to deliver enhanced personalized experiences.

IBM journey designer

Gain a single view of hotel reservations to continually improve guest experiences.

Facilities management with Watson IoT

Combine analytics with sensors and equipment to optimize facilities management operations.

Success stories

Pebble Beach

Teamed with IBM to develop a mobile app that creates a more engaging experience for visitors.


Nurturing guest loyalty with compelling, personalized campaigns for resort and hospitality clients.

STA Travel

Improves data access to make better decisions and respond to changing conditions with agility.

IBM technology


Change the way you do business by protecting your content and unlock potential new avenues for growth.

Artificial intelligence

Provide personalized planning and exceptional hospitality by anticipating guests’ needs before check-in.


Connect all your devices and systems to provide one seamless platform that helps your hotel staff work smarter.

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