The next evolution of the hospitality industry is high tech

How, when and why we travel has drastically changed, and the complexities of shopping and planning for travel can diminish the excitement of a new trip. COVID-19 adds another level of uncertainty to the equation. For the hospitality industry to rise to the challenges it faces, a holistic approach is needed to thrive post-pandemic.

Today’s consumers want safe, unique and personalized guest experiences, and the providers who can offer them will gain - and retain - traveler trust. A digital transformation fueled by big data and AI can help drive the customization travelers crave. Additionally, collaboration between distributors across the market helps improve that customer experience. IBM has years of experience in the industry and offers hospitality technology solutions built on the latest technologies. Tap into our knowledge and expertise to improve your hotel business.

Hospitality industry case studies

Best Western

Launches the first AI-powered ads for the hospitality industry with IBM Watson® Advertising Conversations.


Enhances delivery of personalized service with a master data management platform that establishes a single trusted source of customer information.

Constance Hotels, Resorts & Golf

Collaborates with IBM to build a hybrid cloud architecture that acts as a central data warehouse and analytics platform for hotel management.

Explore how a tailored, dynamic digital transformation built on IBM hospitality industry solutions can help you stay ahead of the competition by becoming a favorite destination.