Necessity drives change for the future of the freight and logistics industry

The freight and logistics industry experienced significant disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. To maintain profitability, drive operations efficiency and respond to evolving industry and competitive pressures, freight and logistics companies need to look beyond traditional tools and resources.
To be a differentiator in the highly competitive post-pandemic environment, developing new freight and logistics solutions to better navigate ecosystem disruptions is crucial. Increasing digital transactions brings freight and logistics management beyond the COVID-19 crisis and helps ensure that customers aren’t affected by whatever challenge is next. Stay ahead of the crisis curve by optimizing operations and improving asset performance management with technologies that include data, IoT, cloud and artificial intelligence. By taking advantage of IBM’s solutions and expertise, your freight and logistics company can run smoothly no matter what’s around the bend.

Freight and Logistics industry case studies

Knight Transportation

Every year, adverse weather costs the trucking industry billions of dollars in damages and delays

J.B. Hunt Transport

Operating in a heavily regulated industry, J.B. Hunt must store data securely and for the prescribed period.

DHL International

A single integration platform and automation helps map diverse customer data and improve warehouse management processes.

Freight and Logistics industry solutions

Customer experience

Turn disruptions into opportunities with end-to-end visibility, real-time insights and recommended actions.

Operations optimization

Share trusted data with greater visibility and efficiency across supply chain participants.

Asset maintenance

Keep critical assets and resources operating at maximum efficiency with freight and logistics solutions.

Discover the IBM solutions built on new technologies to help improve your freight and logistics industry business and stay ahead of the competition.