Solution areas

Be a freight forwarder and deliver customer-centric experiences, infuse the value chain with insight and optimize operations

Watson Marketing

Deliver personalized experiences that customers want and discover innovative ideas that provide a competitive edge.

Blockchain for Logistics

Add greater visibility and efficiency across the entire supply chain.

Maintenance with IBM Maximo

Keep your most critical assets and resources operating at maximum efficiency.

Who we work with

FleetPride teamed up with Cresco International to deploy descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics solutions from IBM, giving supply chain managers game-changing insights into operations.

Unifeeder creates more efficient, profitable operations with analytics

Unifeeder uses analytics to deliver more relevant, engaging reports to support smarter decision-making.

Norfolk Southern boosts agility with 24/7 data access

The company keeps time-sensitive operations on track with non-stop access to shipment data.

Rosenau lifts operations with real-time data

Rosenau Transport leverages realtime data to take trucking from commodity to value add.

IBM Technology


Maximize transparency, enhance the efficiency of end-to-end work flows and simplify trade compliance with blockchain solutions that boost productivity and your bottom line.


Improve operational agility and keep time-dependent processes running smoothly by leveraging access to realtime data with IBM IoT solutions tailored to your specific needs.


Gain insight through AI-driven data and analytics to better understand customer needs, provide cutting-edge solutions and improve service satisfaction.

Explore dynamic solutions

Learn how you can improve your freight logistics business and stay ahead of the competition.