2021 IBM Fellows

Eight experts join IBM’s best and brightest. Meet the 2021 Class of IBM Fellows.

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    Faried Abrahams

    IBM Fellow, IBM Global Services Quality, Chief Technology Officer

    “Growing up in apartheid South Africa … I became — and remain — convinced of the capacity of technology to constantly improve the lives of people.”

    From the start of his career, Faried has worked to expand access to technology, and the opportunities that provides, to people and organizations the world over. With 26 patents to his credit, he is widely recognized within and outside IBM for his thought leadership and focus on quality.

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    Roland Barcia

    IBM Fellow, IBM Cloud & Data Platform Solutioning

    “Technologies like automation, AI and cloud are only really valuable if they improve the daily routines of the people who use them.”

    Within IBM, Roland is the recognized leader for hybrid multi-cloud solutions, with expertise in Kubernetes, microservices, cloud-native and full-stack development — technologies that have transformed the way IBM sells and delivers software. His approach became the template behind the IBM Garage Methodology.

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    Sergey Bravyi

    IBM Fellow, Chief Scientist Quantum Theory

    “I was looking for a place that had a strong theoretical group in quantum, and I chose IBM for that reason. I like that IBM has a culture that encourages collaborative work.”

    Sergey is a globally recognized expert in quantum computing theory whose innovations have been critical in maintaining IBM's leadership in the quantum industry. He designed key components of scalable fault-tolerant quantum architectures, including state-distillation protocols that enable a robust implementation of computationally universal logical gates.

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    Oliver Dial

    IBM Fellow, Chief Quantum Hardware Architect

    “As an IBM Fellow, I look forward to seeking the surprises both within IBM and in the broader scientific community that will allow us to bring quantum computing to the world.”

    Oliver is well known for his work in coherence, gate fidelity and increasing yield for large superconducting quantum processors, as well as for groundbreaking results in semiconductor singlet-triplet qubits and quantum Hall experiments.

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    Andrew Hately

    Vice President, IBM Fellow and Chief Architect - IBM Public Cloud

    “What I've learned over the years working with IBM clients is that it's gratifying to see and hear the difference our work makes to their employees, and ultimately their customers and citizens.”

    Andrew led the re-architecture of IBM's public cloud technology as it progressed from the SoftLayer acquisition to a global business spanning IaaS and PaaS services. He has been the driver for key innovations such as the multizone region construct, and has championed services consistency and standards through the “One Cloud” program.

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    Nataraj Nagaratnam

    IBM Fellow and Chief Technology Officer, Cloud Security

    “I have been fortunate to be at the forefront of security innovation for IBM products and the industry, from web to cloud. What is more exciting is collaborating with a wonderful set of smart people across IBM and with great leaders like Hillery Hunter.”

    Nataraj is a recognized security expert who has consistently demonstrated vision and thought leadership, coupled with an ability to execute and implement new technology and solutions for both IBM and clients.

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    Tetsuya Nikami

    IBM Fellow, GBS Japan Chief Technology Officer and IBM Japan Cloud Chief Technology Officer

    “We need to identify valuable technologies fast, make people aware of their advantages, and offer solutions and assets tailored for each industry. Unity as a team comprised of engineers and other experts is imperative to achieve this goal. I am grateful that I'm fortunate to work with such capable members at IBM.”

    Tetsuya is an outstanding technical leader and one of IBM's worldwide thought leaders for hybrid cloud, serving as GBS Japan CTO and leading IBM Japan's cross-brand hybrid cloud team.

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    Maja Vukovic

    IBM Fellow, Application Modernization

    “Teaching and mentoring others is very important to me, in particular advocating for women in science, because innovation needs the creative ability of all people. Diversity and inclusiveness are key to generating more innovative solutions to problems.”

    Maja pioneered the use of AI for Service Management, and leads the research and technical strategy for AI-driven application modernization, and the movement of enterprise mission-critical application workloads to hybrid multicloud platforms.

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