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Fast, responsive storage for critical financial applications

To get ahead of the competition in a dynamic industry, financial institutions need to be able to access data quickly. Storage that improves efficiency and delivers lightning-fast data analytics and performance to meet the needs of even the most data-intensive applications is critical. A highly scalable, robust solution helps providers leverage data to make better decisions while accommodating for the future growth of your data storage needs.

IBM Storage FlashSystem is a high-performance, all-flash data management and storage solution that helps accelerate digital transformation initiatives. It is purpose-built for demanding financial services workloads and can scale to meet the needs of the most data-intensive apps. IBM FlashCore® technology helps deliver ultra-fast performance by utilizing flash memory to achieve significantly lower latencies than traditional disk-based storage systems.

Prepare and protect your data

IBM Storage FlashSystem solutions raise the security standard by providing powerful, reliable flash storage to help safeguard your financial data. The FlashCopy® feature provides immutable, isolated point-in-time copies that expedite disaster recovery following cyberattacks. Intelligent automation moves frequently accessed data to flash storage to help balance workflow performance and infrastructure costs. 

Additionally, the Metro Mirror and Global Mirror features synchronously replicate data in near real-time over city-wide and greater distances with automatic failover for zero data loss and without affecting overall performance or customer experience.

Built in IBM FlashCore Modules offer incredible density and outstanding durability and performance while being cost effective. The IBM HyperSwap® feature enables data and application mobility across sites with simultaneous access to data and automated failover should one data center fail.

With up to 99.9999%1 uptime and powerful features and capabilities, IBM Storage FlashSystem solutions offer the financial services sector exceptional availability, reliability and safety for your critical data.

Store big data in small spaces

IBM Storage FlashSystem products utilize cutting edge data reduction technologies, including deduplication and compression, to reduce physical storage needs while improving retention. When there’s less data to be read from and written to storage devices, latency is reduced and performance improved, providing fast and responsive storage systems for all types of businesses. This provides significant cost savings and minimizes the environmental impact of storage systems.

As your financial services industry business needs evolve, you can scale-up and -out. Start with a single drive and build up to 32 petabytes (PB) of capacity with the solution’s expandable, linear performance. If you’re looking to reduce on- or off-site storage costs and whether utilizing a public cloud, private cloud or multi cloud strategy, the IBM Storage FlashSystem family of products could be the answer.

Fast. Smart. Affordable hybrid cloud-enabled storage solutions. Get market-leading performance and efficiency from the unified IBM Storage FlashSystem platform family, allowing you to streamline administration and operational complexity across on-premises, hybrid cloud, virtualized and containerized environments. Explore configurations and prices IBM Storage FlashSystem 5200


Don't just store, accelerate. IBM Storage FlashSystem 5200 is the perfect all-in-one hybrid cloud solution for medium and large organizations. With flash and AI machine learning, you can deploy the most cost efficient and powerful storage solution on the market.

  • Up to 1.2PBs of effective capacity in 1U (@ 3:1 data reduction)
  • Intel Sky Lake, Gen 3 PCIe
  • As fast as 50μs latency
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IBM Storage FlashSystem 7300


This is enterprise-class storage. The IBM Storage FlashSystem 7300 is designed for mid-range workloads. It provides high performance redundancy and smart, self-optimizing containerized solutions.


  • Up to 2.2PBs of effective capacity in 2U (@ 3:1 data reduction)
  • Intel Cascade Lake, Gen 3 PCIe
  • As fast as 50μs latency
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IBM Storage FlashSystem 9500


Be prepared for what's next. IBM Storage FlashSystem 9500 storage systems use artificial intelligence and flash-based technology to provide data security, scalability, and reliability on demand.


  • Up to 4.5PBs of effective capacity in 4U (@ 3:1 data reduction)
  • Intel Ice Lake, Gen 4 PCIe
  • As fast as 50μs latency
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1 Uptime calculated based on IBM analysis of installed systems built with IBM Storage Virtualize software.