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Organizations around the globe are facing unprecedented challenges caused by technological disruption and the COVID-19 pandemic. Integration of advanced technologies with the changing nature of work will be key to turning these challenges into opportunities for growth.
The intersection of Edge Computing, 5G, AI, Cloud, and IoT can now create an effective platform for operational transformation, worker empowerment and business innovation.
Join our global webcast to hear from leading service providers IBM and AT&T about the evolution of work propelled by Robotics, AR/ VR, and AI applications – all on the Edge. Learn about new trends and solutions and see why it is imperative for organizations to rethink their transformation strategies in the 5G era.

Key topics we will cover:

  • 5G and Edge Trends for the Public Sector
  • Edge Computing and Next Gen Applications – AI, AR/VR, Robotics
  • Use Cases Driving 5G and Edge Adoption



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