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Do you know how much a data breach might cost your organization? What are you doing now that could end up costing you millions of dollars in case of a breach, and what are the biggest cost mitigators that also bolster your security posture? The 2022 Cost of a Data Breach Report, the industry’s most reliable benchmark report that’s built on the real-world experience of breached organizations, offers cybersecurity, IT and risk management leaders a detailed view of the cost factors that go into a cyberattack. Get the most up to date information about the financial and brand impacts of data breaches, based on analysis of hundreds of factors from actual incidents.

IBM Security X-Force experts, discuss key findings, insights, and practical recommendations from the latest report.

  • Discover some of the leading contributors to higher data breach costs including per sector and per geo factors, critical infrastructure, security system complexity, skills shortage, and cloud migration.
  • Witness actual results on the widening gaps between organizations who have a strong security posture versus those who lag behind, on-premise and in the cloud.
  • Understand what proactive and responsive measures organizations can take to help mitigate the potential damages of a data breach, from best practices in securing data and responding to a breach, to strategies in artificial intelligence, zero trust, and extended detection and response (XDR) technologies.



John Hendley

Head of Strategy, IBM Security X-Force

John Hendley, Head of Strategy for IBM Security X-Force has a decade of experience in the information security industry, John leads strategy for     X-Force: a global team of over 500 hackers, researchers, threat intelligence analysts, developers, and incident responders. The team provides clients - from Fortune 100 enterprise companies to small and mid-sized companies – offensive and defensive security services.


Limor Kessem

EMEA Lead, IBM Security X-Force Cyber Crisis Management

Limor Kessem, the EMEA Lead of IBM Security X-Force Cyber Crisis Management, is a widely sought-after security expert, speaker and author and a strong advocate for women in information security. At IBM, she leverages her over 10 years of cyber risk and security expertise to provide counsel to CSOs, CISOs, and CIOs at the world’s largest corporations and governments.


Mitch Mayne

Public Information Officer at IBM Security X-Force

Mitch Mayne, Public Information Officer at IBM Security X-Force, is a well-known voice in the cybersecurity realm, and the author of several thought leadership articles and the host of multiple podcast series that help organizations stay safer from cyber threats. He holds a Masters Degree in Communication and Media from Stanford University.


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