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For almost 40 years, quantum computing has intrigued and amazed scientists and non-scientists in its future possibility for solving problems that are intractable using classical computing. Since 2016, IBM has made real quantum computers available on the cloud so that clients, students, and researchers can begin to learn and experiment with this new way of computing.

We'll see what potentials exist in various industries, the future roadmap of IBM Quantum Computing systems, and how you can start making use of this rapidly evolving technology.

IBM Quantum is leading the way into the Quantum Decade by driving the development of cloud-accessible quantum computers of unprecedented capability, it is also building a global community of innovators to re-imagine how we can solve some of the most vexing computational challenges from fields as diverse as agriculture, finance, energy, and medicine. We are at the early stages of a multi-year development roadmap to make quantum computing a practical tool for scientific discovery and the creation of economic value

A  large open source community runs more than a billion circuits a day on IBM quantum computers, has produced more than 400 peer-reviewed scientific publications and several dozen applications related to the simulation of physical systems, optimization and artificial intelligence. This seminar will explain the basics of quantum computing, walk through use cases, and show how your enterprise can get started.


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