Developers are becoming decision makers in majority of the companies today, especially when it goes about changing and modernizing the company. They need to advise wisely and to say 'no' when plans make no sense. In this webinar Marc Loos, IBM cloud advocate and Koen van Bakel, RedHat solution architect will share their point of view about the developers relevancy. Join them in the discussion!

Agenda : 
18:30-19:30 - Panel discussion with Marc Loos (IBM), Koen van Bakel (RedHat), Frank Everaardt (Tweakers)
19:30-19:35 - Short break
19:35-20:20 - Interactive workshop by Koen van Brakel and Marc Loos
20:20-20:25 - Short break
20:25-21:10 - Part 2 of the workshop
21:10-21:25 - Wrap up and end of the session

Marc Loos, IBM
Koen van Brakel, RedHat
Frank Everaardt, Tweakers

The session will be delivered in Dutch