IBM Africa Digital Developer conference is a one stop shop for developers to connect with experts and learn new skills or advance their existing knowledge using the leading technologies tools needed to build a smart and secure business.
Join talks and hands-on experience in cloud native, AI, security, open source technologies and beyond.

Sign up for your free IBM Cloud Lite account now in order to interact in the hands-on workshops. Come ready and we're looking forward to your participation.

If you need to apply for your participation in this personal development event, you are welcome to use this Event Motivation Letter with your management team.

Main City Time Zones

  • Nairobi (Kenya) : 17:00:00 (EAT)
  • Abuja (Nigeria) : 15:00:00 (WAT)
  • Port Louis (Mauritius) : 18:00:00 (MUT)
  • Maputo (Mozambique) : 16:00:00 (CAT)
  • Windhoek (Namibia) : 16:00:00 (CAT)



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