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SAN solutions range from tiered, cost-optimized storage, policy-based automation, and intelligent data management systems to full portfolios of storage networking solutions that suit your budget and infrastructure requirements.

Storage area network solutions

SAN b-type enterprise switches and directors

The IBM b-type family is the modern storage network infrastructure for mission-critical storage for a self-learning, self-optimizing, and self-healing autonomous SAN.

SAN Cisco switch

The IBM c-type family complements IBM Storage with industry-leading performance, scalability, security, and network connectivity in dense form factors.

SAN technology

Leveraging transparent cloud tiering and IBM b-type networking

IBM b-type networking helps maintain the high data transfer performance required for backup and restore operations, while also protecting and securing data in flight and at rest.

Cover of ESG report leveraging transparent cloud tiering with SAN b-type


This IT services provider meets data center networking demands through a software-defined storage environment based on IBM FlashSystem® with IBM Storage Networking SAN64B-6 switches.


The latest on storage area networking

Keep up-to-date on what’s new and exciting when it comes to SAN.

SAN support and requirements

Learn the most important SAN requirements and considerations.

Storage Networking Redbooks

Learn more about how storage networking can support virtualization, cloud and big data requirements.

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