Enables business decision makers with analytics

IBM® Decision Optimization Center provides a configurable platform to support business decision makers such as scientists, developers, analysts, LoB decision makers, planners and schedulers. It uses powerful analytics to solve tough planning and scheduling challenges. Decision Optimization Center reduces the effort, time and risk associated with creating tailored solutions that improve business outcomes. Enable decision makers to make smarter decisions and improve ROI by combining data and analytics with cutting-edge optimization technology.

Feature spotlights

Make practical, smart and shareable decisions

Confidently turn insights from data into business action using prescriptive analytics capabilities. Pre-test your decisions in an uncertain environment with powerful what-if analysis capabilities. Easily share scenarios for collaborative decision making based on unified and consistent data. Visualize outcomes easily, using views like pivot tables and Gantt charts.

Simplify decisions with IBM ILOG CPLEX solvers

Work with IBM enterprise-class optimization solvers that can deliver powerful performance for timely decision support. IBM ILOG® CPLEX® Optimizer delivers speed, high reliability and robustness to rapidly discover optimal solutions for your planning, scheduling and resource allocation challenges. Use sophisticated optimization solvers that have resulted from years of research and development by highly trained mathematicians.

Drive user adoption with modern web UI

Combine an exhaustive set of ready-to-use components to quickly enhance applications such as synchronized dashboards. Use built-in visualization features through UI components for decision support applications. Configure sophisticated charts and graphs using prebuilt templates.

Reduce time and cost to deliver applications

Work with an open, standards-based architecture to reduce the effort, time and risk associated with custom application development. Map enterprise databases into application data tables with ease. Powerful built-in visualization features facilitate continuous feedback from business users during development process.

Deploy anywhere

Quickly move from proof-of-concept to production with multiple deployment options — on cloud or on premises with Docker-compose, Kubernetes, Red Hat® OpenShift® on IBM Cloud®.

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