IBM Storage Insights vs IBM Storage Insights Pro

Compare the features of IBM® Storage Insights and IBM Storage Insights Pro.

  • The free version is called IBM Storage Insights and provides a unified view of a storage environment with diagnostic event information, an integrated support experience, and key capacity and performance metrics. IBM Storage Insights is available at no cost to IBM Storage Insights Pro subscribers and owners of IBM block storage systems who sign up.
  • The capacity-based, subscription version is called IBM Storage Insights Pro and includes all the features of IBM Storage Insights plus a more comprehensive view of the performance, capacity, and health of storage resources. It also helps you reduce storage costs and optimize your data center by providing features like intelligent capacity planning, storage reclamation, storage tiering, and advanced performance metrics. The storage systems that you can monitor are expanded to include IBM file, object, software-defined storage (SDS) systems, and non-IBM block and file storage systems, such as Dell EMC storage systems.
In both versions, when problems occur on your storage, you can get help to identify and resolve those problems and minimize potential downtime, where and when you need it.

Compare the features in these two offerings:

Table 1. Features in IBM Storage Insights and IBM Storage Insights Pro
Resource Management Functions IBM Storage Insights (free) IBM Storage Insights Pro (subscription)
Monitoring Inventory management IBM block storage IBM and non-IBM block storage, file storage, and object storage
Logical configuration Basic Advanced
Health Call Home events Call Home events
(3 metrics: I/O rate, data rate, and response times aggregated for storage systems)
(100+ metrics for storage systems and their components)
(4 metrics: used capacity, available capacity, total capacity, and compression savings aggregated for storage systems)
(25+ metrics for storage systems and their components)
Drill down performance workflows to enable deep troubleshooting   Checkmark
Explore virtualization relationships   Checkmark
Explore replication relationships   Checkmark
Retention of configuration and capacity data
2 years
(Only the last 24 hours is shown)
2 years
Retention of performance data
1 year
(Only the last 24 hours is shown)
1 year
Service Filter events to quickly isolate trouble spots Checkmark Checkmark
Hassle-free log collection Checkmark* Checkmark
Simplified ticketing Checkmark Checkmark
Show active PMRs and ticket history Checkmark* Checkmark
Reporting Inventory, capacity, performance, and storage consumption reports
  • Capacity reports for block storage systems and pools
  • Inventory reports for block storage systems
All reports
Alerting Predictive Alerts Checkmark Checkmark
Customizable, multi-conditional alerting, including alert policies   Checkmark
Analytics Performance planning   Checkmark
Capacity planning   Checkmark
Business impact analysis (applications, departments, and groups)   Checkmark
Optimize data placement with tiering   Checkmark
Optimize capacity with reclamation   Checkmark
Security ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management standards certified Checkmark Checkmark
Pricing Entitlements Free Capacity-based subscription
Restriction: *If you have access to IBM Storage Insights but are not an IBM Storage Insights Pro subscriber, you must have a current warranty or maintenance agreement for an IBM block storage system to open tickets and send log packages.
In IBM Storage Insights, you can monitor IBM block storage only. In IBM Storage Insights Pro, you can monitor IBM block storage, and the following additional storage:
Table 2. Storage systems that can be monitored in IBM Storage Insights and IBM Storage Insights Pro
Storage System IBM Storage Insights IBM Storage Insights Pro
Click a storage system to view its supported versions.    
DS8000® Checkmark Checkmark
Dell EMC Unity   Checkmark
Dell EMC VMAX   Checkmark
Dell EMC VNX, VNXe   Checkmark
FlashSystem 5000 Checkmark Checkmark
FlashSystem 5100 Checkmark Checkmark
FlashSystem 7200 Checkmark Checkmark
FlashSystem 9100 Checkmark Checkmark
FlashSystem 9200 Checkmark Checkmark
FlashSystem V9000 Checkmark Checkmark
FlashSystem 900 Checkmark Checkmark
FlashSystem A9000 Checkmark Checkmark
FlashSystem A9000R Checkmark Checkmark
Hitachi VSP   Checkmark
IBM Cloud Object Storage   Checkmark
IBM Spectrum Accelerate Checkmark Checkmark
IBM Spectrum Scale (ESS and GSS)   Checkmark
IBM Spectrum Virtualize software-only clusters Checkmark Checkmark
IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud Checkmark Checkmark
NetApp ONTAP 9   Checkmark
Pure FlashArray//M and FlashArray//X   Checkmark
SAN Volume Controller Checkmark Checkmark
Storwize® V3500 Checkmark Checkmark
Storwize V3700 Checkmark Checkmark
Storwize V5000 Checkmark Checkmark
Storwize V7000 Checkmark Checkmark
IBM Flex System V7000 Storage Node Checkmark Checkmark
Storwize V7000 Unified Checkmark
(block storage only)
XIV® Checkmark Checkmark