What's New

IBM Sterling Connect:Direct® Integrated File Agent version 6.2 and its related software have the following features and enhancements:

Base Release (v6.2)

New Features and Enhancements
To install this software, you should go to the Passport Advantage website, and follow instructions described to complete the download.
  • IBM Sterling Connect:Direct 6.2 adds an Integrated File Agent as an installation option. Integrated File Agent provides users with these benefits:
    • Since it is a component of Connect:Direct, Integrated File Agent's deployment - new deployment, maintenance, upgrade and decommission- is included in Connect:Direct's deployment, and hence, involves no additional work. This is true if Connect:Direct is deployed directly or through IBM Sterling Control Center Director.
    • Integrated File Agent's User Interface is integrated with Connect:Direct's Web Services UI, giving File Agent a modern UI and making Integrated File Agent configuration intuitive.
    • Integrated File Agent includes significant enhancements to Rules, that make Rules more flexible and powerful. These include
      • The watch directories to which a rule is applied are configurable
      • Whether a watch directory includes its sub-directories or not is configurable
      • Process class and priority are optional
    • Integrated File Agent comes with a simple process library hosted by Connect:Direct, supporting process organization and control. For more information refer Connect:Direct for UNIX and Microsoft Windows.