SPSS Statistics Subscription

IBM SPSS® Statistics Subscription is the new way to experience, buy and manage SPSS Statistics software, and provides access to exclusive subscription features over time so the software is always up to date. It includes all the same features and capabilities as our traditional software license. However, instead of multiple editions, we've bundled our capabilities into a base edition with three available add-ons so you can assemble the right set of capabilities for your needs.

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SPSS Statistics Traditional Software License

SPSS Statistics Version 26 is the most recent version of the SPSS Statistics traditional software license. It's available in four license options: Base Edition, Standard Edition, Professional Edition and Premium Edition.

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Comparison Table

SPSS licensing comparison
  Subscription license Traditional license
Buy online with a credit card   
Get automatic updates   
Requires online access   
Embrace award winning UI   
Self-serve online cancellation   
Self-serve user management   
Installs on desktop
Supports single user
Supports concurrent users   
Requires license keys   
Scale up with server options   

Key differences

Buy online with a credit card

SPSS Statistics Subscription can be purchased online without contacting an IBM seller. If you choose to purchase the SPSS Statistics Traditional License, you will need to contact IBM.

Automatic application updates

Updating SPSS Statistics software is easier than ever with the SPSS Statistics Subscription, which uses in-product push notifications to alert users of updates. The SPSS Statistics Traditional License relies on manual downloading, installing and potentially re-entering license keys to keep software up to date.

Requires internet for application use

SPSS Statistics Subscription users will require periodic internet access to authenticate their user license. Users have up to 14 days of offline access.

Modern user interface

SPSS Statistics Subscription has a newly designed and award-winning modern interface. For a limited time, the classic interface will continue to be available with a subscription plan.

Self-service online cancellation

SPSS Statistics Subscription purchases can be canceled by logging into your IBM account and using the self-service options to manage your plan. Self-service cancellation is not an option for the SPSS Statistics Traditional License.

Self-serve user management

With the SPSS Statistics Subscription you can manage the number of seats you have and transfer your software to different devices. With the SPSS Statistics Traditional License, you cannot self-manage the number of seats on your license nor transfer your license between devices.

Installs on desktop

Both the SPSS Statistics Subscription and Traditional License require the application to be installed on a desktop or laptop. With SPSS Statistics Subscription, access to the application is controlled by the user's online IBM account. For the SPSS Statistics Traditional License, access is controlled by an authorization or a license key or both.

Supports single user

Both the SPSS Statistics Subscription and Traditional License allow you to purchase one or more "single-user" seats. These seats are for a specified user and cannot be shared. The SPSS Statistics Subscription plan allows seats to be easily transferred to different users.

Supports concurrent users

Only the SPSS Statistics Traditional License allows concurrent user access. An IBM seller can help you understand your options.

Requires license keys

Only the SPSS Statistics Traditional License requires authentication or license keys or both to activate the software. However, you can easily activate your SPSS Statistics Subscription online using your IBM account (no keys required).

SPSS Statistics Server option

Only the SPSS Statistics Traditional License can connect to an SPSS Statistics Server. Connecting to the server can increase your processing power if your desktop or laptop doesn't have enough CPU or memory to process your entire data set.

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