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Hey Nigel, I have to tell you that Storage Pools, while a cool technology are going to have a very uphill battle in getting traction in enterprises. Unless something has changed, I presume Pools still require the use of VSCSI, and NPIV cannot be used, this is bad. We are strongly moving to NPIV, I, and my company, want to be able to use more standard storage management tools. To use the standard tools we need WWN and WWPN addresses to be the endpoints for the Storage Technology. Pools move us away from this goal. <br /> It feels like IBM isn't listening as they move forward with these Pools technologies. <br /> If Pools could make use of WWN or WWPNs, then we will definitely look into it, but otherwise, it is untouchable. <br /> Or IBM has to come up with a open API that can be added to storage management tools.