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About 101 101 site gather the support content available for an IBM software product in one place.
Different products utilize different support content such as core documentation, APARs/Known Issues, technical notes, community forms, and youtube videos. Each 101 site includes links to all available support content for that product in one place so you’re never left guessing where to go.


IBM Automation supports tools that assist you in automating repetative tasks in your workflows.

IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation

Find essential documentation, Known Issues, and a directory of technical notes.

Websphere Application Server

Find installation guides, troubleshooting information, and a directory of technical notes.

Data & AI Support

IBM Data and AI supports tools that assist you in organizing and analyzing data along with data modeling and other AI tools.

Cognos Analytics

Learn about important notices and security bulletins, find version information, support videos, and search lists of Cognos Analytics technical notes and APARs.

DB2 for z/OS

This site features links to the core resources for each of the twenty-two DB2 Tools for z/OS and a convenient search bar to help you find your tool.

Integration Support

IBM Integration supports tools that assist you in connecting applications with systems and automating tasks.

API Connect

Find core documentation like must gathers, StepZen support resources, and top-viewed technical notes.

IBM Cloud Pak System

Browse top-viewed technical notes and find core documentation like must gathers and security bulletins.

Security Support

IBM Security supports products to protect your business from cyberthreats.

Cloud Pak for Security

Find installation resources, support policy documentation, and browse a directory of CP4S technical notes.


Browse top technical notes, version information, and support policies.


Learn about upcoming webinars, browse release notes, and search a directory of technical notes.


Explore ten different topic-specific support pages to find targeted support documentation on installations, disk space, and more. Search directories of technical notes and APARs.


Find support policy articles, application documentation, and search a directory of technical notes.

Sustainability Support

IBM Sustainability supports tools that optimize costs while reducing waste and emissions.

Sterling Data Exchange

Find core documentation and search a directory of technical notes.

Sterling Order Management Suite

Find core documentation and search a directory of technical notes.

Maximo Application Suite

Browse essential documentation, configuration guides, and must gathers.


Find top-viewed troubleshooting information and how-to guides.


Browse core documentation, top-viewed troubleshooting information, and how-to guides.

IBM Support Resources

These resources apply to all software products.

IBM Support Portal

Get assistance for the IBM products, services, and software that you own.

IBM Fix Central

Provides fixes and updates for your system’s software, hardware, and operating system.

IBM Docs

View the core documentation for a product.

IBM Ideas

This portal is designed to provide you with an integrated view of all of your submitted, voted or commented on ideas for any IBM product.

IBM TechXchange Community

Explore product forms, ask questions, and see upcomming events.

IBM home site

Visit to learn about our product offerings.

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