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1 robinlangford commented Permalink

Great post on TX Series!

Did you know that you can actually download a trial version of TX Series for Multiplatforms from developerWorks? That way, you can try it out on your own system, free for 90 days:
Thanks for posting!

2 SumaChakrabarti commented Permalink

Hey Vijay !! I cant forget "vijnamsev" .. The first ever System ID I used when I joined IBM .. and now your My dW id just reminds me of those good old days !!

Welcome to My developerWorks blogging..I am sure there are lots to learn from you !

3 54VG_邢凡忠_邢 commented Permalink

I have a problem and it takes me a lot of time but i have not solve, i am a new bird .yesterday i install TXseries7.1, my system driver on D,and TXSeries 7.1 is installed to F:\ ,but when i create ,destroy ,start region and server,it will be tell the wrong like this
who can help me and my postbox is 781355710@qq.com thanks.

2012-03-15-13:37:51.931 PID#4964 ERROR cipc general C:\SARPC_BACKINGTREE_1_2_0\src\cipc\cipc_init.c 119 0x00001624 msgID=0x00EDA003
Failed to access control file.

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