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Pinned topic Duplicate rows for Opportunities

‏2017-09-21T18:32:12Z |

We are having an issue where we have duplicate opportunity rows in the assessment tab of buildings. The issue seems to be tied to the the building system class smart section and the underlying table used for reporting against it, T_TR_DEF_LI_IT_TR_BUI_SY_CL.while on a building record, assessment tab, If we create a new opportunity and fill in the building system class smart section (not the building system item one) and create draft. If a user then tries to change the building system class but then decides to not save and instead just closes the form, the row that is entered into T_TR_DEF_LI_IT_TR_BUI_SY_CL for the temp data is not removed when the record is closed without saving. which results in the opportunity query on buildings displaying the opportunity twice. This seems to be a general issue with the use of these tables as it also happens when you do the same steps on a work task and a facility project, an extra row remains in the table T_TR_WO_TA_TR_FACILIT_PROJ.


Has anyone else encountered this issue and found a way to correct it? Using the steps below for opportunity can anyone confirm that the issue happens for them as well?

Edit: I have tested this on 3.5.3, 3.5.1 and the beta environment.



On an editable building> assessment tab > opportunity sub tab click add to create a new opportunity

Fill in required fields and find a building system class

Create draft

Clear the building system class and pick a new one

Close the record without saving

Refresh opportunity query if needed

  • TRI_Harder
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    Re: Duplicate rows for Opportunities


    Yes, I've repeated your steps and got the same issue with duplicate Opportunity record.  Tested it on a 3.5.2 platform.  It's definitely a bug.  

  • sgarcia0033
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    Re: Duplicate rows for Opportunities


    This issue is currently being addressed through PMR 12839,082,000 / APAR [IJ00504]