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Pinned topic Load data in data source explorer failed

‏2013-08-06T13:09:08Z |

When using the data source explorer trying to load data in a db2 table, the load fails with the message:

 Loading "Tablename"... [jcc][10103][10941][4.14.113] Methode executeQuery kan niet voor bijwerken worden gebruikt. ERRORCODE=-4476, SQLSTATE=null
Data loading failed.

We are using RDz When using RDz 8.0.3, this same loadfunction works fine.

How can I fix this?


Iwan Mensink.

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    Re: Load data in data source explorer failed


    Unfortunately the fix for this issue has not yet made it into an RDz 8.5.1.x fix pack, however, it is our intention to include it in a future release.

    If RDz v9.0 is an option for you then you will find that the problem does not exist in that release either.