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Pinned topic Error exporting docs into DB2 database

‏2013-01-21T16:32:24Z |

I'm trying to export documents from ICA 3.0 into a DB2 (Express C 10.1) DB.
I'm exporting just a couple of fields with simple names in the fact table, in order to check the configuration procedure,
but I always get the following error.

FFQEY0402E Table UBIS.EXPORT_METADATA cannot be created. Check if any invalid characters are used for schema, table, or column name. SQL Error Code:-286, SQL Status Code:42727, SQL Message Code:DB2 SQL Error: SQLCODE=-286, SQLSTATE=42727, SQLERRMC=8192;DB2INST1, DRIVER=4.13.111.

The main table (and some others) of the export schema is regularly created.
The error is on the EXPORT_METADATA table, but I have no controls on the column names of this EXPORT_METADATA table.
Do you have any suggestion in order to bypass the problem?

Thank you,
  • bfoyle
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    Re: Error exporting docs into DB2 database

    We don't explicitly test with ExpressC but we didn't add support for DB2 10.1 until ICA 3.0 fixpack 1 so (assuming that the ExpressC codebase 10.1 was DB2 10.1, which sounds reasonable) I would start by making sure you have the ICA fixpack.

  • SystemAdmin
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    Re: Error exporting docs into DB2 database

    Hi qaetanoS,

    I have found in the past that when trying to export to DB2, I need to ensure Table Spaces and Buffer Pools are adequately sized. The defaults are sometimes too small for the operations to take place. I would suggest creating larger User and Temporary Table Spaces / Buffer Pools and then try the export again.


  • myutaka
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    Re: Error exporting docs into DB2 database

    Could you try to create a database with large pagesize?
    CREATE DB <database_name> PAGESIZE <size>
    e.g.) CREATE DB adb PAGESIZE 8192

    Thank you