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Pinned topic Problem with shared JSF libraries

‏2012-12-22T22:38:20Z |

to minimaze our portlets we put all jsf jars (jsf-ibm, jsf-impl-messages, jsf-portletbridge, odc-jsf, odc-jsf-portlet) in shared library.

After that our portlets works fine, except we have problem with tabbed panel and section panel (many section panels are inside one or more tabs).
After postback all opened section closes and first tab allways become active (no matter which tab is currently active).

This never happend when we pack all JWL jars into WEB-INF/lib directory.

We use WebSphere Portal 6.1 and JWL version is 3.1.14.

Best regards,
Klemen Sorčnik
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    Re: Problem with shared JSF libraries

    while I cannot speak for WS, the tendency is towards creating complete web applications instead of web applications depending on shared resources. Tomcat 6 documentation states explicitly about the shared library directory that "Normally, application classes should NOT be placed here".

    I believe the drive towards not using shared jars comes from the Servlet spec and therefore it is not a "Tomcat thing" but should apply to WS as well. Hence, placing jars to WEB-INF/lib directory both solves your problem and is also the right thing to do.