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Pinned topic Change on a SEA failover configuration

‏2012-12-18T21:26:44Z |
Hi all,

I currently have a dual SEA failover, but the physical ports are not in trunk mode, so I cant add more VLANS. I am planning to re-create the SEA with VLAN tagging, once the network guys set the ports to trunking. My idea is to work on the first VIOs, while the second one holds all the network. However, my question is, once I return the SEA to the first VIOS, would the LPAR lose connection? The LPAR has a VLAN set upon the virtual ethernet adapter, to allow communication. I know that with a SEA with VLAN tagging, I don`t need to create a VLAN over the virtual eth adapter. Thus, I am not sure if the current network configuration will not have any effect on the LPAR ,or, if I have to get rid of the VLAN adn reconfigure the IP address on it.
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    Re: Change on a SEA failover configuration

    Last weekend we tried to change the SEA failover configuration to one with VLAN tagging. However we first ran into this error:

    The virtual Ethernet thunk adapter 2 cannot be created because the partition with id 4 alreaady has thunk adapter in its virtual i/0 slot 2 thas has the same thunk priority as the new thunk adapter you are creating

    So we changed the priority, but still the issue was that the Port VLAN ID on the virtual eth adapter must match, so even if I wanted to recreate one the virtual eth_adapters with the new VLANs, the HMC wouldnt let me, since the other one must have the same VLANS. I was thinking of adding the VLANS by creating a virtual eth adapter per each one. However, I am not truly convinced with this method. Wouldnt be easier to shutdown both VIOS and perform the required changes?