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[Trackback] After an exhausting BI bootcamp this week I thought I can relax now, but it looks like Bobby Woolf posted about a new Apache project called Tuscany.After hearing about WBM, WID, WebSphere ESB, WPS, SDO, and SCA for a week it finally made sense and I ...

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Please could you add some practical examples, such as, how to launch examples that come with tuscany. I had some problems running them from the RAD (and RAS) v.7

Regards, keep up with good blog !

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When I try add an record to table in DB2 by using SDO .I always get error " SystemOut O com.ibm.websphere.sdo.mediator.jdbc.exception.DBException: Exception in QueryEngine insert"And I can't find any suggest how to correct it .Please help me to understand this error and show me how to fix it .I use WebSphere 6.1 .DB2 8.2

Regards ,Jane Nguyen

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