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this is very helpful. I just had this problem where the new drive does not even light up when put in. I changed the failed/replaced drive to unused/candidate/spare and was good from there

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Hello Talor!
There is a standard replacement disk in mdisk array? I want to replace a disk (not bad) being in mdisk on another disk (candidate) in enclosure.

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Dear mr and ms IBM support
I got the alert with hardisk in yellow light on storage V7000 - IBM,
I had login to V7000 to check heath status. event log ,,,
but i can't identify that failure by hardware or solfware.
kindly to support how can I fix this problem.
Thanks a lot!!!!

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After read the intruction from mr Talor and follow up.
I had to fix V7000 alert on yellow light sucess!!! Thanks you very much!!!!!!!!

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Dear mr Talor
storage V7000
To day I had right click and mark the drive in unuse that drive is disapear (no show on storage pool) and the light on drive still green. but I can not see for next step for righr click again and mark as candidate and mark it as a spare
Kindly to support to me!

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Hi phung1140, you will need to go into the Physical Storage > Internal.

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Dear Mr Jldagata.
The first trouble shootng I had follow mr Talor;s intruction and fix done but after one week the hardish fail again(the light alert is yellow) and yester day I had fixed again but the hardisk run on 8 hours.
The step by step :
1- Replace HDD amoment insert back to storage.
2- Log on to V700 storage run fix procedure properties
3- Right click on HDD and mark unues(the HDD is restart on list HDD - ID ). mark HDD is candidate again, then mark HDD is spare. after that HDD is run in green lighe on 8 hours.
Untill now the HDD is alert in yellow light
Thanks mr Jldagata

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Dear mr/ms
Kindly help me. how to login to acess command line GUI on storage V700 (not use web interface)
for check HDD on storage

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Login to V7000 web interface to network and get ips node manager can see ip address
then telnet login CLI (Puty SSH)
Mark the disk as unused / candidate / spare:
IBM_2076:V7000:talor> svctask chdrive -use unused 35
IBM_2076:V7000:talor> svctask chdrive -use candidate 35
IBM_2076:V7000:talor> svctask chdrive -use spare 35

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Dear mr/ms
Kindly support
After change new drive hardisk on storage V7000 fail, I had follow step by pool
mark unused , mark cadidate, mark spare for drive by pool id but the yellow light still alert.

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Dear mr/ms
After change new HDD on storrage V7000 I have the alert yellow light and erro code envent
1686 - The drive slot is causing the network to be unstable
1692 - An array MDisk has taken a spare member that is not an
exact match to the array goals.

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I've been on holiday, just saw this now. What is is just an issue that I ran into back in 2012, I would strongly advise going via IBM support if you haven't already logged a PMR for this.
It looks like your mdisk (array) has taken a spare of a different drive type, due to there being no spares of the same drive type available. I would strongly suggest working with IBM support to get the issue resolved, and also ensuring that you have sufficient spares configured to accommodate drive failures.