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1 localhost commented Permalink

I run notes 8 standard, and use the save to local file. That way i can have that days chats show up in grey above the new IMs. I do not believe that is an option with the mail file location.

2 localhost commented Permalink

1. Notes Mail File, because a) if I sort all documents by name, I get the mails AND the chats with a specific person in order b) the chat is included in fulltext search and c) the chat replicates to other computers.2. I don't switch. It would make finding specific chats inefficient.3. The only reason would be to have the chat history available in the Sametime Client. This is a current limitation of Sametime. If the history would be available in the Sametime Client when stored in the mail file, I would see no reason to sync.4. No, if the issue in 3 is solved. The only reason I can think of would be Sametime users that don't have Notes. You probably know better than me if there are any of those.5. Only embedded in Notes.

3 localhost commented Trackback

1. in the mail file. Because it's included a) in the full text search and b) in the backup2. no3. as Ingo said: to see the chat history in the client4. as Ingo said: no, if that issue is fixed5. only the embedded version.

4 localhost commented Permalink

I have sometimes found myslelf running two versions of SameTime (embedded & external) because these two products are never released in-sync. When I had SameTime 7.5 it was different to the version embedded in Notes 7. Now that I have Notes 8 with SameTime 7.5 I find that SameTime 8 has been released but it is not supported with Notes 8.

5 localhost commented Trackback

Hi Mary,for answer to your question:I use Sametime version 8 & save locally my sametime histories. I think this version of Sametime is a real improvement, except it miss a plugin to make it compatible with msn.

Julien Santinihttp://www.double-king.com

6 localhost commented Trackback

Hi Mary

I save in Notes. It is better for searching. I miss the possibility to restart the daily chat, but the history kept in the mail file is more important. I only use sametime from Notes 8, but I have som troubles using "video call" from there. It works in my sametime client, but not in Notes 8, also the location function don't work from Notes 8.But those things asumed to be buggs, so when they are fixed, I will use only Notes 8.

7 localhost commented Trackback

Are notes databases relational?

8 localhost commented Permalink

Hi,We only use embedded version but all chat transcripts are saved to the mailfile via policy automatically

9 localhost commented Trackback

How can we get Notes to archive old emails whithout deleting them from the current view?

10 localhost commented Trackback

1. Mailfile - allway available2. No3. No4. No5. Both: Integrated client does not hamdle muliple servers. Stand-alone client doesn't do awareness in Notes apps (like mailfile). This is a bit of a nightmare. Why not have the stand-alone app also do awarness as the integrated client does?

11 localhost commented Permalink

I stored chat histories in mail file. But it is a pity that I can not see chat history in chat window when I stored it in mail file.UI will be blocked when Notes is openning a database. When I was waiting for Notes to open a database, I would think that it will be better if I am running a standalone sametime.

12 localhost commented Trackback

1. Locally - for the grey history + ability to only keep x last days options. I would prefer to have it in my mail files (for sync & backup reasons) but these 2 options would be necessary 2. No 3. I would prefer having all in my mailbox 4. maybe not 5. Yes. Mainly for 2 reasons : 1= multi-threading (when Note si sbusy, I can't chat using the one built-in); 2=when I want to quickly find someone to start a chat with, double-click on the icon bar is much faster than go in Notes 8, expand the Samtime bar (on the right) and start finding the name

13 localhost commented Trackback

1. Locally - I'm a consultant that switches IDs, therefore mail files and locations, but my chats are all centralized. Plus I LOVE the history features such as the past comments in gray.

2. No.
3. No.
4. Chat history, and people like me who sometimes switch Notes IDs several times a day, sometimes in mid-chat.
5.1 I have a laptop. The side-bar takes up precious real estate, I want a separate window, and for some reason I don't bother with splitting the new window, I just load Sametime separately.
5.2 With some clients' configurations (misconfigurations?), I can't log into their Sametime with the embedded client unless I'm using their ID/location.
5.3 There isn't feature parity between the embedded and the client, as far as I remember, but I might be wrong on this one. I do know that I can sort my buddy list by dragging and dropping in the full client.
5.4 Sometimes I want Sametime up even though I'm bouncing my Notes client, or don't even have Notes running in favor of a (different) RAM-intensive app.
5.5 Despite all that, I do enjoy having the presence awareness in my email and applications, so I log in via the Notes client, too.

14 localhost commented Permalink

Hi Mary,

I use a database to collect the locally saved chats. As I can search in that database better then in the mail file with only one view.A other reason is the mail file size restrictions. If I have them in a local seperate database I have no size limits or view limits there. I also can tag them or view them by person or date for example.
You can take a look at it here => http://w3.tap.ibm.com/myTAP/offering/viewoffering.wss?offeringId=OFF50707(Sorry the link is IBM internal and will not work from the Internet. If you what to get an idea. The base that I started the application on years ago was that database from the sandbox => http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/sandbox.nsf/ecc552f1ab6e46e4852568a90055c4cd/c7aaa6579179a9ce85256a76004b741a?OpenDocument)

15 localhost commented Permalink

The easy thing is that when i save my chats in files instead of the notes client i can also use / save them when using the ST connect 7 interface. Sadly we still need to use the ST connect 7 interface because we (for example) cannot voipcall with the Notes8 interface.Let's change that ;-)

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