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A few years ago there was a move afoot within the agile community to do exactly that, and http://agilenarratives.org/ was the result. Unfortunately not much came of it, I suspect because writing decent narratives is hard and because the motivation simply isn't there for most people to do that work.<div>&nbsp;</div> My pleasure on the preso. For everyone that doesn't know that we're talking about, Jeff invited me into his organization to do a presentation on scaling agile. My presentations are fairly blunt and to the point, something that anyone who has ever seen me at a conference can attest to. I often do presentations like this for customers, particularly with senior executives, to educate them on what works and what doesn't and how to roll out agile successfully in their organizations. The rhetoric is often different from the reality. <div>&nbsp;</div> Recordings of some of my presos can be found at http://www.ibm.com/software/rational/agile/ if you're interested, and contact your Rational sales rep if you'd like to bring me in to your company. Having said that, I'm incredibly busy so web casts/con calls are significantly easier to schedule than physical appearances.<div>&nbsp;</div> - Scott

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