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1 Tictac_NS commented Permalink

Hey Nigel, <div>&nbsp;</div> This may be asking a lot, but would it be possible to get a copy of your coredumper program? <div>&nbsp;</div> I have been asked to implement monitoring of core dumps and prove to an auditor that I am doing so, but, as you stated in your article, creating a core dump is not easily done. <div>&nbsp;</div> This article was a great help and thanks for the great info. <div>&nbsp;</div> Ken Caudle

2 Tictac_NS commented Permalink

A question: <div>&nbsp;</div> The article and the man pages for chcore say that you must log out and in for the change to take effect. This is confusing to me. The command uses the -d option to change the system default directory for core dumps. How would logging out and in effect already running processes? Should I use the syscorepath command to change the core dump location, and chcore would then be in effect for all processes started subsequent to its use? Or will I need to reboot after the chcore command, just to ensure the core dump directory is set for all processes? <div>&nbsp;</div> Ken C