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1 SSK1_Mahdi_Mithani commented Permalink

How do we configure our broker to connect to Oracle RAC(scan IP) using jdbc ? Please can any one advise

2 vivekgrover commented Permalink

Thank you for your comment. The JDBC configuration for broker with Oracle RAC isn't any different from that of plain Oracle except that the connectionUrlFormat may be slightly different. Please obtain this from Oracle documentation. An example for that could be as below:
connectionUrlFormat="jdbc:oracle:thin:user/password@(DESCRIPTION=(LOAD_BALANCE=on)(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=connectionUrlFormatAttr2) (PORT=portNumber))(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=connectionUrlFormatAttr3) (PORT=portNumber))(CONNECT_DATA=(SERVICE_NAME=connectionUrlFormatAttr1)))"
Please confirm it from Oracle documentation for the version you are using. If there are any further issues, please feel free to open a PMR with IBM support. Hope that helps.

3 Dhiren.Ghelani commented Permalink

What is preferred ODBC or JDBC? will JDBC offer any advantages?

4 vivekgrover commented Permalink

Thank you for your comment. Both ODBC and JDBC are supported and work quite well with the broker. It really depends on how your applications are written and what sort of requirements do you have. For instance, if you are using ESQL compute nodes, then you may want to connect to the database from the compute node via ODBC, if you are using java compute nodes, then you could use JDBC. You may want to keep in mind that ODBC drivers are shipped with WMB (except for DB2), whereas JDBC drivers have to be procured from the DB providers, which means if the problem occurs in ODBC drivers, then you would work with IBM support but if the problem occurs in JDBC driver, then you would be investigating it with your database provider. Another perspective, if you are interested in configuring your DB connection pool, it is provided with JDBC connections in broker, whereas ODBC connections to databases are managed internally by the broker.
So it really depends on your application requirements.

5 JTS27 commented Permalink

Is there a tool from IBM that can be used to validate a JDBC connection, before the actual deployment of the message flows?

6 vivekgrover commented Permalink

Hi Gabe, Prior to deployment would indicate you are looking for some JDBC connection testing way from your Toolkit system. If that is correct, then you can use the wizard in the Toolkit -
If you are asking about a runtime test connectivity with database, then no we don't provide anything officially. There are a number of JDBC connectivity tools available online though. On some occasions, we have provided some custom scripts via PMRs, but they are typically meant for specific scenarios.