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I will be using Portlet Factory in my next project which should start this week. Glad to hear these positives!!

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I have been following the hype about the Bowstreet Portlet Factory and now the WPF for a while, and have seen various demos/ppts that paint a very rosy picture. However, I have always been sceptical of the claims, and additionally had the same concerns that you do with a total UI driven tool like WPF. I certainly want the ability to commit source artifacts to source control and have them make sense to people; automated builds are another concern as well as I hate the idea of having to open an IDE to generate a war file. I am really curious to hear how you sort the issues out and would love to see a blog entry about this.
On another note, I think you had an excellent article series "Creating a new portal" - it was interesting to see some of the similarities in your "Portal Requirements Model" and what I have used; also, I have certainly leveraged some of your ideas that I did not come up with as well. :) Keep up your writing so that others can leverage your experience. Of course easier said than done - I know how hard it is to keep up writing when you are swamped at work. Kudos!
Best regards, Vivek.

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I'm also using WPF on my current project. What are some things I can do to speed up the starting of portal server? I have a portlet that displays 1, 2, or 3 records at the same time depending on the users preference. Inside each record I display some radio buttons and some data. When the radio buttons are clicked the data displayed for the record also changes. I was using visibility setters to accomplish this, but I have only been able to hide the field within a given row, not the entire row as I would like to. This is because the row itself currently doesn't have any unique identifiers. I would like to hide the whole row, not just the contents of the row, but I can't point a visibility setter at the row. Do you have any suggestions?

Do you debug by attaching to the JVM or do you just use system outs and browse the log?
Are there guidelines as to the kind of things to put into a Rich Data Definition? It seems like using the Rich Data Definition makes things more user configurable.

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